Thule Lodge Holds Roast

BEMUS POINT — Members and guests of the Thule Lodge 127 met for the annual corn and hot dog roast in the lodge on Pancake Hill Road.

Peterson Farm Market of Fluvanna Avenue donated ears of corn. The corn was cooked by lodge chairman Tom Eckberg. Treasurer Loretta Smith and mistresses of ceremony Bernice Veights and Donna Johnson set up the serving table, which was filled with various food dishes brought by others to add to the meal.

At the business meeting following the meal, Eckberg welcomed all to the meeting, and chaplain Diane K. Shaw gave the opening invocation. Vice chairman Susan W. Sipos reported all officers were at their stations. Historian John Sipos led all in the pledge of allegiance and gave a brief historical report on the history of the phrase “one nation under God” being added to the pledge. Treasurer Smith read the minutes of the previous meeting in the absence of the secretary, and also gave the financial report of the lodge.

Dance leader Donna Johnson reported a group of Swedish dancers are going on a tour of Sweden. The group will meet in Stockholm, Sweden, and tour several cities including the Dalaheist factory. The Dalaheist is the Swedish wooden carved horse often associated with Sweden. Mrs. Johnson said the group will be meeting with 11 other dance groups, and when they return to this country, will be showing some of the new dances learned.

Past chairman and past district master Edwin Sandberg was the recipient of the meeting award. The next meeting of Thule Lodge will be held at the Falcon’s Nest in Falconer.

The Thule Lodge was organized 111 years ago to help Swedish immigrants to America with their housing, employment and schooling. The lodge served as a social club for the people. Many of the Swedish immigrants found employment in the various furniture factories of Jamestown and Falconer. Today, the Thule Lodge serves to preserve the Swedish heritage through events and activities. New members are welcome.