4H Chooses Projects For Fair

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H program evaluated more than 1,000 4-H projects in the area of foods, creative crafts, conservation, sewing projects and other non-animal exhibits.

Youth throughout Chautauqua County have been working for months, and in some cases, years to create true works of art. From photography to woodworking, youth projects will be displayed in the 4-H Building during the 2018 Chautauqua County Fair.

4-H youth are between the ages of 8 and 19 with varying experience levels. Cloverbuds (youth ages 5-7) are not “judged” and all Cloverbud projects are awarded a Cloverbud Ribbon. More than 25 judges spent one-on-one time with 4-H participants evaluating their projects. Judges evaluate using the Danish system. The Danish system allows judges to determine based on a 4-H’ers age and experience, if they feel that the completed project is Excellent (Blue), Good (Red), or Worthy (White).

Youth presented each of their projects to a judge in the respective department, for example; a photograph may be judged by a professional photographer. Each judge spends a few minutes with each youth determining the youth’s age, experience level, and providing encouragement and constructive criticism.

This year, 40 projects were selected to be displayed at the New York State Fair. County judges select projects that are exceptional for the youth’s age and experience level.

Projects selected for the state fair include:

Garrett Lesch (Canadaway) U.S.Presidents Poster; Anna Talbot (Canadaway), Junior Superintendent Poster; Shannon Heath (Levant Livewires) Finding Disney Easter Eggs Poster; Emily DeGolier (Stockton Panthers) French Lop & Breed Evaluation Poster; Leah Hinds Morrison (Stockton Panthers) Sea Blobs/Jelly Fish Poster; Emily DeGolier (Stockton Panthers) Beach Glass Wind Chimes; Holly Crandall (Wild Oats) Halloween Village; Kaylee Hodges (Clymer Eager Beavers) String Art; Garrett Lesch (Canadaway 4-H Club) Corn Husk Wreath; Madison Cresanti (Busti Buckaroos) Quilling a Letter “M”; Riley Palmer (Levant Livewires) Woodworking Crate; Ian Lindell (Levant Livewires) Recycling Spinner; Holly Crandall (Wild Oats) Leather Craft Gun Belt; Charlotte Couchman (Stockton Panthers) Sea Glass Recycling; Kaylee Odell (Harmony Haystacks) Handbag Leather Craft; Natalie Turecek (Stockton Panthers) 4-H Counted Cross Stitch; Luisa Smith (Cherry Creek Cornhuskers) Knitted Fingerless Mittens; Kylee Odell (Harmony Haystackers) Crochet Baby Sweater; Holly Crandall (Wild Oats) Cow Stained Glass; Elizabeth Comstock (Harmony Haystackers) Beauty and the Beast Rose painting; Peyton Welacher (Busti Buckaroos) Macrame Plant Holder; Chloe Brookover (Eager Beavers) Heart String Art; Alyssa Graziano (Country Critters) Ceramic Thanksgiving and Indians; Elizabeth Comstock (Harmony Haystackers) Ceramic Nativity Scene; Anna Talbot (Canadaway) Ceramic Grape Leaf Assortment in a box; Kaylee Hodge (Clymer Eager Beavers) Shirt Waist Dress; Jared Dorman (Stockton Panthers) John Deere Mans Shirt; Adam Lesch (Canadaway) Camouflage Jacket; Melinda Waag (Fredonia Fireworks) Quilt; Luisa Smith (Cherry Creek Cornhuskers) Dress for Dance; Kylee Odell (Harmony Haystackers) Photograph illustrating one idea, Gracie Morrison (Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders) Heavily Edited Picture Frame; Kaylee Hodge (Clymer Eager Beavers) Single Unedited Color Image; Anna Talbot (Canadaway) Single Unedited Digital Image; Kylee Odell (Harmony Haystackers) Single-Slightly Edited Color Image; Emily DeGolier (Stockton Panthers) Single-Unedited Digital Image.

Honorable mention projects are: Gabrielle Koszewski (Stow-A-Way Kids) Mini Lop Rabbit Poster; Sara Holthouse (Clymer Eager Beavers) The Evermore (creative writing); Everett LeBarron (Canadaway) Mice- Pet or Pest Poster; Amelia Sprague (Stow-A-Way Kids) How to Choose the Right Bow for Archery Poster; Madison DeGolier (Stockton Panthers) Pygmy goat poster; Adam Lesch,(Canadaway) Eagle Tin Punch; Kaylee Hodge (Clymer Eager Beavers) Tin Punch; Gracie Morrison (Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders) Wind Chimes; Mike Johnson (Country Critters) Hooked Rug; Natalie Turecek (Stockton Panthers) Wreath; Holly Crandall (Wild Oats) Recycling Poster; Grace Pfleuger (Cherry Creek Corn Huskers) Bat (woodworking); Jacob Lesch (Canadaway) Plant Bench (woodworking); Anna Talbot (Canadaway) Electrical; Austin Strong (Harmony Haystackers) Gun Cabinet (woodworking); Elizabeth Johnson (Country Critters) Cross Stitch Pillow, Elizabeth Johnson (Country Critters) Plastic Canvas Tissue Box Cover; Rachael Comstock (Country Critters) Crocheted Cowl; Steven Overend (Levant Livewires) Glass Etching on a mirror; Kylee Odell (Harmony Haystackers) Ring; Emily DeGolier (Stockton Panthers) Necklace; Hannah Karlson (Little Broken Straws) Stained Glass; Emily DeGolier (Stockton Panthers) First-Aid-Kit; Jacob Lesch (Canadaway) Christmas Tree; Wyatt Harrington (Wild Oats) Water Wheel House; Rachael Comstock (Country Critters) Cotton Blouse; Mikael Anderson (Wild Oats) Boys Shorts; Haley Odell (Harmony Haystackers) Fleece Pajama Bottoms; Emily DeGolier (Stockton Panthers) Rabbit Show Apron; Mackenzy Graziano (Country Critters) Satin Blouse; Gracie Morrison (Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders) Bee (Photography); Jacob Lesch (Canadaway) Single/unedited/color image; Gracie Morrison, (Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders) Class 3 photograph; Holly Crandall (Wild Oats) Class 6 photograph; Mackenzy Graziano (Fredonia Star Riders), Cat-single color unedited; Grace Pfleuger (Cherry Creek Cornhuskers) Class 2 Photography, “My Brother.”

Special judge’s awards were given in horticulture, food and building. Winners are:

¯ Horticulture: Katherine Fortna (Fredonia Fireworks) two arrangements of Dried Flowers; Matthew LeVan (Canadaway) Tiered Herb Garden; Luisa Smith (Cherry Creek Cornhuskers) Fairy Garden.

¯ Food: Adam Lesch (Canadaway) Green Bean Casserole and a pumpkin roll; Natalie Turecek (Stockton Panthers) Lemon Berry Fluff; Anna Talbot (Canadaway) Carrot Cake.

¯ Building: Andrew Wagg (Fredonia Fireworks) Re-built computer; Holly Crandall (Wild Oats) Pub Table; Jared Dorman (Stockton Panthers) Blanket; Holly Crandall (Wild Oats) Christmas Display.