Workers Compensation Board Announces Proposed Changes

The state Workers’ Compensation Board has released a proposed increase in medical reimbursement to providers who treat workers’ compensation patients.

The new, proposed medical fee schedule includes an overall fee increase for all provider types, as well as additional increases for certain specialty provider groups to potentially raise the number of authorized providers for injured workers. The proposed changes to the Medical Fee Schedule were published in the State Register on June 6. The board will accept comments from the public for 60 days.

The proposal includes updated Current Procedural Technology codes, increased conversion factors and amended ground rules, which are available under the medical fee schedules section on the board’s website. Those who do not have access to CPT codes with descriptions can arrange to review them in person at board offices by contacting

“Access to quality medical care for injured workers is of utmost importance for a healthy workers’ compensation system,” said Clarissa M. Rodriguez, Workers’ Compensation Board chair. “The New York state workers’ compensation fee schedule has not changed substantially since 1996. These new fees will ensure providers in New York receive fair and reasonable reimbursement for prompt, quality treatment to our injured workers. This can also bring more providers into the system, another benefit to injured workers.”

The board is also committed to making other improvements that increase provider participation and injured workers’ access to quality medical care. This includes the adoption of a universal claim form to drastically reduce paperwork in workers’ compensation claims, development of an online medical portal and a push to broadly expand the types of providers authorized to treat injured workers.

Comments on the changes can be submitted on or before August 6, by emailing