Events For Order Of The Eastern Star Announced

Monday, June 4, RW Mary Prue, district deputy grand matron, was honored at Silver Chapter No. 288, Silver Creek, for her special visit with the “Cardinal Degree.” Katrina Hughes, matron, welcomed her and the other grand officers and members in attendance.

RW John Oleszewski, patron and district grand lecturer, announced upcoming meetings, deadlines and respective reservation arrangements. June 8 was Erie District official visit.

He has phone numbers and directions for the following: June 9 Homecoming of MW Lynne Schmitt at Chautauqua Suites, Mayville. Helicopter flights will be available at $40 per person to see Chautauqua Lake from the air. Grand Chapter Oct. 8-13 at Binghamton. He needs completed forms as soon as possible and those interested must turn them in by July 1. Testimonial Dinner is Oct. 10.

Katrina Hughes announced a Silver Chapter public Towel Bingo Night July 6 at Forestville Chapter (without stairs) and a potential movie night later in the summer. June 5 Forestville Chapter OES met for tureen dinner and informal meeting with Beth Benchley, matron, presiding.

County Past Matrons will meet July 12 at Alfie’s Restaurant in Jamestown. John O. announced July 16, Chautauqua County Fair begins a week earlier than ordinary, and Masons will be helping at ticket booth to stamp hands for pre-paid rides. July 28 Oriskany ice cream booth and dinner-reservations are needed by July 16. Sept. 11 Forestville Past Matrons will meet at Forestville Chapter room. Sept. 18 at 6:30 p.m. will be a tureen dinner prior to the meeting. Forestville OES will host a public Turkey Dinner Sept. 22 4:30-6 p.m.