Westfield Academy Defeats Randolph In Bowl Match

Westfield Academy and Central School defeated Randolph Central School, 90-31, in a recent Media One High School Bowl match at Jamestown Community College.

In another match, Falconer Central School defeated Fredonia Central School, 95-13.

Bethany Schaaf of Westfield and Nick Pawlak of Falconer earned Player of the Match honors.

Other Westfield team members included Luke Stephenson, Tyler Miles, Anne Schaaf, Jessica Lopez-Hernandez and Sarah Tilley.

Randolph was represented by Caroline Meleen, Brynn Pagett, Allison Mansfield and Cassie Doubek.

The Falconer team included Matt Tsitso, Matt Gullotti and Emily Brentley.

Members of the Fredonia team were Jackson Osborn-Coy, Gabe Johnson, Matheus Santos, Hailey Ritter and Jack Swanson.