Falconer Firefighter Teaches Kids Fire Safety

One year after a devastating fire changed the look of Main Street in Falconer, the 3- and 4-year-old Story Hour classes at the Falconer Public Library were able to learn more about fire safety. Katie Delahoy of the Falconer Fire Department came to the library to read some stories and shared important information about what to do if there is a fire. The children were given play fire helmets, fire trucks and an activity packet. She also brought her own turnout gear and a smaller set for the children to wear. After discussing each article of the gear, she dressed a volunteer student as well as herself. In return, the children gave a thank you note to Katie and all of the men and women who volunteer their time with the Falconer Fire Department. We appreciate all they do and especially for their efforts in fighting the two big fires in downtown Falconer.

Submitted photo