Jackson Center Hosts ‘Meet Bob Jackson’ Tuesday

The Robert H. Jackson Center invites the public to “Meet Bob Jackson” through a dramatization created and presented by local theatrical performer Bob Terreberry. Robert H. Jackson Center President Susan Moran Murphy made the announcement.

On Tuesday at 5 p.m., the Robert H. Jackson Center will welcome the public to a ‘theatrical happening’ in its Cappa Theatre at 305 E. Fourth St. in Jamestown. The program is a fictional dramatization of a hypothetical evening in September 1933, when local attorney, Robert H. Jackson, arrives at (what was then) the Scottish Rite Consistory to meet with community members interested in his life, growing up in nearby Frewsburg, becoming active in community organizations and a successful attorney in Jamestown.

The performance takes the audience ‘back in time’, as local citizens who attend this 1933 event and submit their questions to Jackson through his fictional personal assistant. The imaginary scenario is as follows:

Jamestown area citizens are invited to “Meet Bob Jackson” at a community gathering on the evening of September 19 at 305 E. 4th Street, organized by his personal assistant. Mr. Jackson, a local attorney, is active in the community and has practiced law in the city of Jamestown since 1913. Jackson has served in the Jamestown community with distinction, and has been vital in the defense of the law on many occasions. His practice areas include state, local and municipal law, general and civil litigation, personal injury, property, and environmental litigation. Jackson has also been involved with the statewide Democratic Party, and has held offices within many local organizations. In November 1930, Jackson took the Scottish Rite degrees in the Valley of Jamestown, New York. Jackson and his family make their home on Fairmont Avenue.

Based on local author and historian Helen Ebersole’s recently updated book, Off the Pedestal: Jackson in Jamestown 1909-1932, this dramatization enables audience members to learn about Bob Jackson’s early years, professional, and community pursuits before his career took him to Washington, D.C. Patrons are encouraged to come early as seating will be on a first come, first served basis. Please contact the Jackson Center 483-6646 with inquiries. A suggested voluntary donation of $10 per person can be made at the door for this unique and entertaining program.