Legal Records


MARCH 20, 2017

Roselia Vega DSS, vs. Brandon L. Parker, $608.

Tasha L. Harrington DSS, vs. Jeremy M. Ramsey, $1,323.13.

Tasha L. Harrington DSS, vs. Jeremy M. Ramsey, $749.99.

Tasha L. Harrington DSS, vs. Jeremy M. Ramsey, $200.

Sheila Graves DSS, vs. Jeremy Fish, $1,551.


MARCH 21, 2017

People of NYS, vs. Victor M. Rivera, $1,111.

Brian P. Harper, vs. Nicole A. Hill, $3,550.


MARCH 22, 2017

Jacqueline M. Delo HHS, vs. William R. Delo, $477.71.

Caitlin B. Alger HHS, vs. Brady M. Griffin, $500.

Midland Funding LLC, vs. Kristine Kane, $1,113.41.

Midland Funding LLC, vs. Catherine Gugino, $5,022.84.

Allstate Insurance Co., vs. Amber M. Kohlmeier, $4,491.12.

NYS Workers Compensation Board, vs. Mark Ramsey, $2,500.


MARCH 28, 2017

Lucinda Nichols, vs. Thomas Towne, $181.35.


MARCH 31, 2017

Tammy Cassidy HHS, vs. Jason Erhard, $449.

Christina Graves, vs. Bruce Kaus Jr., $7,608.81.

Christina Graves, vs. Bruce Kaus Jr., $48.10.


APRIL 3, 2017

Jasey Manning, vs. Scott Manning, $2,500.


APRIL 4, 2017

Annette Bentley, vs. Daniel Bentley, $1,000.

Annmarie Louvorn DSS, vs. Jordan J.L. Eckwahl, $295.20.

Clarissa M. Dickey DHHS, vs. Ian S. Trimbath, $49.65.

Catina M. Barbalato DHHS, vs. Joseph K. Thompson, $1,305.


APRIL 12, 2017

Jennifer Martinez HHS, vs. Michael B. Porter, $75.

Christina M. States HHS, vs. Kory Latona, $2,175.

Michelle Moriarty HHS, vs. Michael D. Johnson, $24,

Michelle Moriarty HHS, vs. Michael D. Johnson, $1,080.

Allison R. Pryll, vs. David A. Brown, $541.20.

Allison R. Pryll, vs. David A. Brown, $67.50.


APRIL 13, 2017

Kimberly Manelick HHS, vs. James Allenson, $3,441.

Channon L. Schlia HHS, vs. James P. Allenson, $2,928.


APRIL 18, 2017

Discover Bank, vs. Peggy L. Saraf, $14,021.16.

Credit Acceptance Corp., vs. Nicole R. Stalter, $7,272.06.

LVNV Funding LLC vs., Jennifer Dirusso, $1,586.08.

Capital One Bank USA NA, vs. Richard A. Shankman, $3,366.48.

Fredonia Heating & Plumbing Corp., vs. Mary A. Bradigan, $2,157.47.


APRIL 19, 2017

Northwest Savings Bank, vs. Andrew Alger and Michele Alger, $4,194.25.

Northwest Savings Bank, vs. Thomas E. Johnson and Carissa Johnson, $5,269.87.

Midland Funding LLC, vs. William Franklin, $3,266.65.

Midland Funding LLC, vs. Elijah Franklin, $1,961.66.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, vs. Joshua M. Monroe and Jeffrey M. Monroe, $5,136.79.

Capital One Bank USA NA, vs. Ryan J. Pogorzelski, $3,521.53.

Citibank NA, vs. Joseph Felice Jr., $4,612.28.

National Grid, vs. Amy L. Bromley, $22,766.30.

Discover Bank, vs. Carol A. Wynham, $8,756.81.


APRIL 21, 2017

Shauna Rodriguez HHS, vs. Edwin Rodriguez, $150.


APRIL 27, 2017

Dena Garfield, vs. Michael S. Daniels, $7,765.49.

Lynn Clyde, vs. Velmon J. Boyd, $500.


APRIL 27, 2017

Speelberg Enterprises Inc., vs. United Secular American Center For The Disabled Inc., $80,095.98.


APRIL 3, 2017

ARC Co., 19 W. 2nd St., Westfield, by Samuel P. Arcadipane.

BNB Roadside, 3295 Fluvanna-Townline Rd., Jamestown, by David A. Bukholder.

Rooty Legumes, 314 Lincoln St., Jamestown, by William L. Petransky.


APRIL 4, 2017

Alpha Omega Pak, 11 Broadhead Ave., Apt. 1, Jamestown, by Blake R. Macffee.

Ashville Auto & Restoration, 4580 Ashville Rd., Ashville, by Timothy M. Cornelius and Justin D. Pratt.


APRIL 5, 2017

Martin Apartments, 953 Forest Ave. Ext., Jamestown, by Rick A. Martin.


APRIL 6, 2017

Mojos Mexican Grill, 209 N. Portage St., Westfield, by Franki Ramos.

Gingerich Bros. Carpentry, 6050 Pickup Hill Rd., Cherry Creek, by John D. Gingerich.

Gingerich Roofing Construction, 5939 Rt. 83, Conewango Valley, by Sam D. Gingerich.

Gingerich General Framing, 6050 PickupHill Rd., Cherry Creek, by Mahlon D. Gingerich.

Shetler Construction, 5503 North Hill Rd., Gerry, by Moses J. Shetler.


APRIL 7, 2017

Hilltop Livestock, 1884 Emory Hill Rd., Frewsburg, by Michael T. Eckman.

Triple L Construction, 8143 Rt. 474, Clymer, by Neil Leslein and James N. Leslein.

Sunnyside Woodworking, 814 Rt. 474, Clymer, by Neil Leslein.


APRIL 10, 2017

Elite Boat Detail Service, 2 Andrew Ct., Fredonia, by Charles J. Lombardo.

Crush Phone Gear, 561 Kiantone Rd., Jamestown, by Cody A. Whippo.

Sisters Restaurant, 3217 Falconer Kimball Stand Rd., Falconer, by John K. Larsen.

TJS Construction, 4 W. 2nd St., Dunkirk, by Jason R. Tolbert.


APRIL 11, 2017

Lindstrom Creations, 33 Clark St., Westfield, by Danielle M. Lindstrom.

Amanda Walden Artworks, 6700 Barnes Rd., Mayville, by Amanda D. Schwert-Walden.


APRIL 13, 2017

Spirited Conquerer, 8061 Rt. 83, S. Dayton, by Casey J. Snyder.


APRIL 21, 2017

Chriss Bar-Ber-Q, 5361 Rt. 380, Sinclairville, by Cathleen Jo Barber.

MP Contacting & Services, 4077 Siden Rd., Ripley, by Michael E. Pinzok Sr.


APRIL 24, 2017

Ramsey Enterprises, 14 E. 2nd St., Jamestown, by Jessica R. Jackson.

JH Audio, 28 W. 9th St., Jamestown, by Johnny E. Hamrick.

Craft Cottage of Chautauqua, 997 Weeks Rd., Panama, by Stephanie L. Green.


APRIL 7, 2017

JVICS Cleaning Services, 31 Meadow Lane, Jamestown, by Victoria L. Strickland.


APIL 28, 2017

Bylers Custom Leather Machinery, 881 Ivory Rd., Frewsburg, by Dan D. Byler.

D&FS Enterprises, 95 Liberty, Apt. 4, Jamestown, by Darius L. Franklin.


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