Jefferson Students Participate In ‘Crazy Hat Day’

Jefferson Middle School art students, Chad Ramsey, Kendall Swanson, Kylie O’Brien and Isaac Rivera show off their “Crazy Hats” created in Lisa Corey’s art class. The students were learning about sculpture and Mrs. Corey combined the study with a “Hat Day” at school. Students investigated various ways of building the hat structures with items that they could easily find in their homes.

“It was a great lesson in problem-solving because some things were too heavy or wouldn’t stay up so students had to figure out new ways to make their hats wearable and visually interesting from all viewpoints,” said Mrs. Corey. “Some students created non-traditional hats with different themes, like the snowman hat and the basketball hat. Other students used materials in a whole new way like rolling magazine pages into tubes or lacing pop tabs. It was a nice chance for students to use a wide variety of materials that are different than what they are used to using in class.”