Alstar EMS Opens New Westfield Substation To Provide Quicker Response

WESTFIELD – Alstar EMS, Chautauqua County’s private ambulance company, recently opened up a substation at 202 N. Portage St., Westfield.

“The new substation cuts the response time to Westfield Memorial Hospital in half,” David Thomas, said Alstar EMS executive director. “It also allows us to better serve the northwest portion of Chautauqua County with easy access to Interstate 90, Route 20 and Route 5.”

The local volunteer fire departments will continue to be the first ambulance team to be called out for 911-type calls and will be assisted by Alstar EMS if requested.

“Westfield is very fortunate to have such a skilled and committed group of volunteer emergency responders.” said Patty Ballman, Westfield Memorial Hospital administrator. “The new Alstar sub-station will complement the existing services and improve the emergency care within the community. Westfield Memorial Hospital is looking forward to working closely with the local Alstar team.”

Transporting patients from Westfield Memorial Hospital to urban hospitals will be the main focus for Alstar EMS.

“The partnership between our local departments and Alstar EMS is absolutely crucial for residents, and the new substation will strengthen this important partnership while also improving services,” said state Assemblyman Andy Goodell, R-C-I-Jamestown.

Before the Westfield sub-station opened in early December, crews were dispatched from Dunkirk or Jamestown. Typically an ambulance returning from Erie would drive to the Dunkirk station only to be called out to Westfield Memorial Hospital for another trip to Erie.

“The Westfield substation allows us to be more efficient with crew time and cut down on ambulance vehicle expenses,” said Gregg Trisket, operations manager.

The community has expressed appreciation for the improved appearance and the benefits a new business in town provides to the community.

“It is a highly welcomed addition to the community,” said state Sen. Catharine Young, R-C-I-Olean. “Minimizing ambulance travel time is critical to ensuring residents are able to receive care as quickly as possible, which is why this new sub-station is so important. I look forward to continuing to work with Alstar EMS in making sure emergency medical services and quality health care are readily available in our communities.”

Alstar EMS is a locally based business that employs 140 people. For the last 30 years it has provided emergency medical services to area healthcare facilities and the volunteer ambulance squads. Alstar also offers EMS related education like CPR, EMT refresher training and Paramedic certification through its training center in Jamestown.


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