Kravitz Tree Service Voted Best Of The Best

Kravitz Tree Removal Service uses state-of-the-art equipment. Submitted photo

FREDONIA – Removing a blighted, diseased or dead tree can be a difficult process.

And there is an element of danger associated with the process as well.

So it makes sense to have a professional company take on the task, so there is no worry, no problems.

That’s where Kravitz Tree Service comes into view, said owner Ben Kravitz.

“The removal of dead trees is probably the most dangerous because you’re working with something that could be 100 feet in the air, and dead, and falling apart,” Kravitz said.

He added that having the right equipment is essential for any tree removal job. But what sets Kravitz Tree Service apart from other companies, he emphasized, is that he has state-of-the-art equipment.

“And it’s all mechanical,” Kravitz said of his equipment. “A lot of mechanical equipment that goes up, grabs the tree cuts it down safely, and removes it as opposed to (have a worker) climbing the tree or being really close to the tree.”

Kravitz Tree Service, 3785 Lakeview Road, recently was voted 2023 Best of The Best for tree service in Chautauqua County.

Difficulty aside, Kravitz said he loves nature and being outdoors, but more than those two factors, he knows by removing sick trees, he is helping the environment sustain itself.

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“I always tell people to replenish and replant trees, and and we do a lot of pruning too,” Kravitz added.

The company’s busiest seasons are spring and summer, but fall is also a time when people call his company for removing trees from their houses. In the winter, he said, there is a slow down.

Currently Kravitz employs about 12 people, and during the busy seasons, he adds a few more workers to the roster.

“We’re here to serve you. Each member of our team is certified, professional, reliable and ready to work on your next project. At Kravitz Tree Service, LLC it is our mission to provide our customers with the best tree removal service they have ever had. We pride ourselves on under promising, and over delivering the best quality tree care in the business,” he said on the company’s website, kravitztreeservice.com.

When at a job site, a typical crew consists of four to five workers that will use the company’s state-of-the-art equipment.

And Kravitz travels to a site before the equipment is rolled out to meet with customers and do the estimating.

With having such good equipment, means the Kravitz Tree Service can perform more jobs per day.

“It makes it (the job) simpler, and more cost effective,” Kravitz said.

From making firewood to making tables, Kravitz said that when finished with a job, the wood is recycled.

Kravitz is originally from the Adirondacks in northern New York State, but came to Jamestown Community College to study Criminal Justice. After graduating from JCC, he went to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Academy, and currently is a sergeant with the Village of Fredonia Police Department. He has been with FDP for about 14 years and has owned Kravitz Tree Service for about four years.

And his two careers are separate from each other. “I keep everything separate. I’m very, very particular about keeping that job separate,” he said of his police officer duties.

He resides in Bemus Point with his family, and for his company, he mainly writes estimates and oversees his employees. Other services include stump grinding, chips and log selling.

For more information call (716) 672-9821 or email kravitztreeservice@gmail.com.


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