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Lakewood Astrology Business Looks To Help Community Find Intent Of The Soul

Pictured is Maxine Perchuk, owner of Inner Calling Astrology in Lakewood. P-J photo by Sara Holthouse

LAKEWOOD — Maxine Perchuk, owner of Inner Calling Astrology in Lakewood has always had an interest in metaphysical subjects.

Perchuk studied many different types of these subjects over the years, but first found a book on astrology in the early 80’s called “Inner Sky”. Inspired by the instruction and wisdom she found in the book, a few years later she would become a student under Steven Forrest who teaches evolutionary astrology all over the world. Perchuk is also a counselor or therapist, and discovered that evolutionary astrology is another step in being a therapist, one that allows her to delve deeper.

“Evolutionary Astrology allows you to step further into someone’s prior life and find the intent of their soul,” Perchuk said. “I’ve always felt there was a missing element spiritually in counseling and astrology allows me to go deeper.”

For Perchuk, it seems that people often have a negative association when it comes to astrology because it becomes associated with things such as short paragraphs at the bottom of newspapers or other shallow things like that. While astrology can seem superficial for many, Perchuk said it can help people discover aspects of their past.

“I see it as a road map, like how someone came to be here and how the decisions they made in their life correspond with what their soul wants in life,” Perchuk said. “It can be validating and reassuring that the path they are on is the one that their soul intended and that they’re on the right track.”

Evolutionary Astrology is more like a weather map, according to Perchuk, in that she can look ahead for someone and see what the weather might be like for them in the coming months. Some of this may validate what the person already knows and allows them to look forward and think about what their charts say.

Perchuk began her business, Inner Calling Astrology, when she realized that counseling through astrology was the best way she could help people.

“It became apparent that was who I was,” Perchuk said. “That was my role and the best thing I could offer someone is to help them figure out themselves. This was heightened by my own experiences, as I had many different careers before this, always looking for the right thing. I discovered that this was my life’s work.”

With Inner Calling Astrology Perchuk offers full readings, where she reads people’s entire charts and provides information on their past life issues and how the chart can indicate how to resolve those issues. She added that it is built into the chart what went wrong in past lives and how to remedy that. It can also help people add strengths for this life.

Perchuk also does mini readings, which she referred to as the bullet points of a full reading, group readings and readings for couples who want to know how their charts line up.

Perchuk said that anyone who is looking to delve deeper into themselves and their life goals should be interested in her business. Others who might be finding that things are not clicking in their life or want perspective and advice about the type of person or job that might suit them should also be interested.

“Astrology is a deeper and more abbreviated process than counseling,” Perchuk said. “As a counselor you meet someone and it can take six months for them to tell you their issue, like being codependent in a relationship. I can see that in two minutes in their chart.”

Through astrology Perchuk can also have more information than through counseling, though she said she does not see a person on an ongoing basis like a counselor and that astrology is more like a counseling intake, where they go through the history and rundown of what is bothering the person and what they want to work on.

Perchuk said often people who come to see her either in person or over Zoom are surprised.

“Most people who come to get readings are surprised at how down to earth and specific I am and how detailed I can be about their situation,” Perchuk said.

Inner Calling Astrology can be contacted at (347)613-4567, or info@InnerCallingAstrology.com. They can be found online at www.InnerCallingAstrology.com, or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@innercallingastrology4955.


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