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Patient’s Pharmacy Relocating To Plaza In West Ellicott

Patient’s Pharmacy is relocating from its current location in downtown Jamestown to a more accessible location for its customers.

Diane Matthews, owner of Patient’s Pharmacy told The Post-Journal that her business would be moving from 320 North Main St. to the Dunn Tire Plaza, located at 707 Fairmount Avenue.

“We’re moving probably within the next couple months,” she said. “We’ll be open for walk-ins and retail customers, along with the long-term care, which is filling for facilities.”

Matthews said the new location is “comparable” in size and will offer better customer service for local customers. She explained that the pharmacy’s current location has faced challenges in the downtown sector of Jamestown.

“We receive tractor trailers, and they’re parked down the hill at the light and they’re trying to unload and there are angry cars behind them and pulling up around them,” she said. “We’ve been here for 10 years, and we’ve made the best of it, but there are a lot of challenges.”

At its current location, Matthews said Patient’s Pharmacy does not have any parking for customers. Matthews added that this presents a challenge for her customers, since many of her customers are individuals requiring “long-term care” with canes, walkers and wheelchairs. She said it is “hard” for her customers to have to park somewhere else and then walk to the pharmacy.

According to Matthews, unlike the current storefront location, the new pharmacy location will have “plenty of parking.”

The past couple years have been challenging for Patient’s Pharmacy due to the state’s decision to award its group home prescription contract through the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to a single prescription company.

“The state took away half of my business,” Matthew said. “We lost a lot. We had to downsize our staff. That’s always hard to do. Right now, I wear so many different hats. I’m working 80 hours a week just to just to keep up.”

Matthews is optimistic that moving to the new location on Fairmount Avenue will help provide additional opportunities for her business to grow. She explained that she would eventually like to hire additional staff.

Regardless of how Patient’s Pharmacy’s upcoming move impacts her business, Matthews believes the state needs to make changes for the benefit of local residents. She warned that having a single pharmaceutical company filling all of the prescriptions for group homes is a dangerous choice that negatively impacts local residents.

“I think the state needs to go back to the way it was and let these small community pharmacies have that business and take care of these people the way they’re supposed to be taken care of,” she said.


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