S.I. Overhead Door Provides Unique Approach To New Endeavor

Opening A Door

Adam Stern and Lukas Ingrao, owners and runners of S.I. Overhead Door Company, are pictured. Submitted photo

S.I. Overhead Door is a locally run company that provides any service one might need for their garage doors.

The company is run by Adam Stern and Lukas Ingrao. S.I. Overhead Door opened in July 2020 and the two have been working together as a team to install new garage doors or repair old ones ever since. While the company does not have its own store front, S.I. Overhead Door can be contacted for appointments through its website, sioverheaddoorchq.com, their Facebook page, or by calling Stern at 716-338-5940, or Ingrao at 716-640-6283.

For Stern, wanting to own a garage door company began at a young age.

“My grandpa had an overhead door business when I was a kid,” Stern said. “So I grew up around this type of business.”

While Ingrao did not grow up around the business, he said he wanted to be a part of the business to have the ability to be his own boss.

“Initially I did it because I felt like it was a good fit and that I was good at it,” he said. “It’s something I enjoy. I was looking for a way to work for myself and not an employer.”

What makes S.I. Overhead Door, unique in the world of overhead door businesses according to Ingrao, is the fact that the company is only run by the two men and is not a big company. The pair are able to accomplish a lot with just the two of them and Ingrao said that this often surprises people.

“I think we are unique in the dynamic of how our business is run,” he said. “People often can’t understand that there are only two of us. Our views and prices are better than at other companies. We are able to accomplish so much as just two people, and when you call us for an appointment you talk to the people who are actually going to come out and do the work. You get what you expect and what you pay for.”

Stern added that their business is unique because they are reliable, honest and trustworthy.

Stern said that even if they were not able to help with a project before and someone had to go with a different company, he hopes that they will still consider them again down the road.

“Even if you called before and we weren’t able to do something, don’t disregard us,” Stern said. “Our door is always open, even if you had to choose a different company in the past. We ask that you don’t forget about us. We don’t hold grudges and always invite people back.”

Stern gave a special thanks to everyone who had been a customer for them in the past.


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