Bakery To Offer Plenty Of Sweets In New Location

Pictured are Jaycee Moore and her fiance, Andy Lanphere, owners of Sweets Pastry and Fudge. The bakery recently moved to a new location in downtown Jamestown. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller

There’s a new bakery downtown to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Jaycee Moore and her fiance, Andy Lanphere, have opened a new location at 113 E. Second St. in Jamestown. The pair are offering a variety of sweet treats daily at their new digs, including scones, pastries, fudge and cupcakes.

However, most exciting of all is the offering of Bubble Tea, said Moore.

“I remember I was scrolling through Facebook, and one of my friends had posted a picture of Bubble Tea,” she said. “I looked in the comments and it said it was Bubble Tea, and looked up on Google ‘Bubble tea near me.’ I basically found that Fredonia and Erie are the closest. We did the drive because we wanted to know what it was.”

Moore said they discovered the fun, popping bubble-filled drink was good and wanted to bring it to their shop.

“All the other shops were full — constantly — I mean, it’s a big hit,” she said. “We just were like ‘we should look into what it would take to do this.”

After some research, the pair found a recipe they enjoyed and decided to bring it to the Jamestown population. The shop offers a variety of bubble tea flavors, including strawberry, coconut, peach, banana, mango, and more.

Moore said another item they focus on daily is their fudge. Each day, the shop offers a variety of flavors of fudge, from old-fashioned favorites like peanut butter to exciting, inventive flavors like Nerds.

“We hit our fudge recipe on the head,” Moore said. “We decided to experiment with fruity (flavors), and ice cream flavors, and stuff like that. We had huge success with that. We have over 10 flavors roughly in the store.”

She said she also likes to keep three types of pastries, three types of scones and three types of cupcakes in stock every day.

Sweets Pastry and Fudge originally opened in the Chautauqua Mall on a three-month lease, Moore said. While that was a foot-in-the-door for the business, she said she was originally from Jamestown, and wanted to be located in the downtown area.

“We built up a little bit there (at the mall), and found this place near the end of our lease,” she said. “We decided that this was in a good location. Downtown Jamestown is starting to get better — I say that lightly, because I don’t ever think it was terrible — but I feel like the area is getting better and better, and I feel like our mayor is doing fabulous things to help this town. I always wanted to be part of the reason why Jamestown was a little better.”

“It’s really the experience (customers get),” Lanphere said. “We just want to be uplifting and positive every time they come in.”

Sweets Pastry and Fudge is open from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Eventually, Moore said she would like to be open from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. once she hires additional staff. For more information, visit their website at sweetspastryfudge.com or find them on Facebook.


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