4 Award Winners Honored

New Directions Youth and Family Services recently honored recipients of the agency’s Milestone Years of Service awards, which recognize individuals who dedicate their careers to helping Western New York children and families receiving New Directions services. Individuals from New Directions’ southern tier programs honored during the fourth quarter of 2020 are:

¯ Vanessa Bradigan, 15 years, Individual Worker – Randolph Residential

¯ Michelle Braymiller, 15 years, Social Worker – Randolph Residential

¯ Michael Earle, 15 years, Senior Youth Support Specialist – Randolph Residential

¯ Lauri Hayton, 5 years, Youth Support Specialist – Zafron Home

“We thank and celebrate the honorees and their commitment to ‘fostering good’,” said Jim Coder, New Directions Chief Executive Officer. “They positively influence children, families and our organization every single day.”

For career opportunities, visit the New Directions Youth and Family Services Facebook page or call 358-3636, ext. 5290. Download an employment application at fosteringgood.org/employment.


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