Legal Notices


JANUARY 13, 2020

Scrobrin Pups, 2874 Ivystone Dr., Jamestown, by Brandalyn M. Adams.

Bishop Concrete, 1530 Shadyside Rd., Lakewood, by Michael T. Bishop.

Beast Belly Productions, 17 E. Livingston, Celeron, by Ezekiel G. Witruke.


JANUARY 14, 2020

Wildland Wellness, 1394 Pekin Hill Rd., Clymer, by Cassidy K. Brown.

Glazier Design, 341 E. 5th St., Jamestown, by Alexander K. Glazier.


JANUARY 15, 2020

L S E Urban Fashion, 133 Central Ave., Dunkirk, by Lurcarymay Rivera Cruz.

VI & Marys Decorations & Events, 133 Central Ave., Dunkirk, by Vilmarys Oquendo.

Ash Hill Farms, 316 Rundall Rd., Clymer, by Chandra D. Quick.


JANUARY 16, 2020

Empire State Minerals, 6189 Stow Rd., Ashville, by Kathleen M. Morton.


JANUARY 17, 2020

Immaculate Reality, 433 Allen St., Jamestown, by Jamie L. Boye.


JANUARY 21, 2020

Superior HVAC, 3762 Lynn Dr., Orchard Park, by Kenneth R. Wesley.

Rt. 5 BBQ House, 9152 Lake Rd., Westfield, by Raymon E. Johnson and Scott M. Carnahan.

Full Strength Coffee Company, 55-57 E. Main St., Westfield, by Katherine E. Archer.


JANUARY 22, 2020

Tattooing By Christopher Michael, 28 Water St., Fredonia, by Christopher M. Keeth.

Backlash, 1739 Foote Ave. Ext., Jamestown, by Savannah A. Lingenfelter.

Twin Pine Taxidermy, 4956 Rt. 62, Ellington, by Jonathan T. Emmick and Evelyn M. Emmick.

Ripley Hardware, 2 W. Main St., Ripley, by Dustin D. Waters and Alice E. Waters.


JANUARY 23, 2020

Jamestown Wise Guys ATM, 431 Broadhead, Jamestown, by Robert J. Yezzi and Kristien S.E. Olson.

Colour Nails & Spa, 1170 Central Ave, Dunkirk, by Giang T. Nguten.


JANUARY 24, 2020

Stranos Welding Service, 12254 Alleghany Rd., Silver Creek, by Tyler T. Strano.

Zebra Graphics, 702 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown, by Richard M. Kirkman.

Rootz Rentals, 14 W. 14th St., Jamestown, by Edgardo L. Lopez.


JANUARY 29, 2020

Slop Dawgz Catering, 39 Sinclair Dr., Sinclairville, by Chivon M. Weaver.


JANUARY 30, 2020

Little Daisy Design, 8991 Center Rd., Cassadaga, by Christina M. McVaughn.


FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Glass & Canvas, 25 Lodi St., Forestville, by Jessica L. Mitchell.

Not UR Grandma, 21 Liberty St., Fredonia, by Sandra Lee VanKoughnet.

Community Leaf Lawn & Snow, 52 Bemus St., Jamestown, by Andrew L. Thompson.

Mind Body & Heart Wellness Center, 62 N. Portage St., Westfield, by Shelby K. Munson.


FEBRUARY 4, 2020

Bylers Logging, 7413 Brownell Rd., Panama, by Melvin A. Byler.

Etchings & Such, 8 Central Ave., Westfield, by Susan E. McEwen and Catherine M. Meleen.

Bylers Logging, 7413 Brownell Rd., Panama, by Melvin A. Byler and William H. Kauffman.

Artisans of The Spirit, 223 Berry Rd., Fredonia, by Charmine L. Grimm Whitcome.


FEBRUARY 6, 2020

Drop The Bom, 5461 E. Lake Rd., Dewittville, by Anna E. Ames.


FEBRUARY 7, 2020

NY Wool CHQ, 1671 Martin Rd., Jamestown, by Bridgette E. Winters.


FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Mikenna Mya Fashions, 3179 Charlotte Hill Rd., Sinclairville, by Chad J. Gennuso.

CJS Funzy Wunzys, 3179 Charlottte Hill Rd., Sinclairville, by Chad J. Gennuso.

Inspector Swine, 3179 Charlotte Hill Rd., Sinclairville, by Chad J. Gennuso.

Smacky, 208 W. 4th St., Jamestown, by Joshua D. Vanord.

Gardner Enterprise, 10571 Center Rd., Fredonia, by Gardner L. Thompson.


FEBRUARY 11, 2020

Shortys Kitchen, 131 Central Ave., Dunkirk, by Mirna G. Zanetti.


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

McQuiggan Bail Bonds, 65 E. Main St., Westfield, by Thomas G. McQuiggan.

Jays Elite Detailing, 216 Lakeshore Dr. W, Dunkirk, by Javier Hernandez-Gonzalez.


FEBRUARY 14, 2020

Arlenes Kitchen, 104 E. Main St., Sherman, by Arlene A. Byler.

B&L Bargains, 440 Miller Valley Rd., Kennedy, by Lori Ann Haskins.

Paisleys & Peacocks, 106 Chautauqua Ave., lower left, Lakewood, by Susan B. Caster.


FEBRUARY 18, 2020

East Lake Consulting, 20 E. Lake St., Lakewood, by Benjamin H. Eckwahl.


FEBRUARY 19, 2020

Apex RC, 8991 Iroquois St., Angola, by Thomas C. Erickson.


FEBRUARY 20, 2020

Small Arms Pistol Academy, 815 Big Tree Rd., Jamestown, by Michael D. Hanselman.

Gardner General Contracting, 38 W. 5th St., Dunkirk, by James J. Gardner.

Team Cama At Era Team VP Real Estate, 72 Warwick Rd. WE, Jamestown, by Emily S. Cama.

AJB Logging, 2571 Clymer Sherman Rd., Clymer, by Albert J. Byler.


FEBRUARY 21, 2020

Gallery 1901, 20 W. 3rd St., Jamestown, by David L. Ross.

Oakleys Resort & Day Spaw, 9620 Farell Rd., Fredonia, by James E. Oakes.


FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Garfalo Upholstery, 19 Read St., Sinclairville, by Ricardo J. Garfalo Jr.

Loft Homestead, 2875 Carpenter Pringle Rd., Ashville, by Mary C. Mayr and John R. Mayr.

Taqo Corp., 36 W. Main St., Fredonia, by Nicholas H. Keefe.

Chautauqua Soap Co., 162 Colfax St., Jamestown, by Audrey M. Ralston.


FEBRUARY 25, 2020

Dynamic Duo All, 310 Jefferson St., Jamestown, by David A. Tellinguisen.


FEBRUARY 28, 2020

Top Knotch Management Transportation, 65 W. 3rd St., Dunkirk, by Michael B. Young.


DECEMBER 31, 2019

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. Jeffrey Utegg, $5,287.84.

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. Rebecca Snow, $5,597.86.

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Donald T. Logsdon, $3,849.31.

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. Laura L. Myers, $9,846.28.

Discover Bank vs. Michael Rublee, $2,129.14.

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Louis Acosta, $1,615.88.

Midland Funding LLC vs. Jeffrey Waterman, $7,481.77.

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. William D. Troutman and Vicki L. Troutman, $2,043.54.

Greater Chautauqua FCU vs. Steven P. Lawrie, $7,877.93.

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. Julianna R. Zampogna, $2,618.02.

Midland Funding LLC vs. Rachel Hicks, $3,095.40.

Greater Chautauqua FCU vs. Arthur L. Smith Jr., $9,907.80.

Jamestown Area Community FCU vs. Juan Diaz, $10,503.36.

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. Richard Harley, $6,595.33.

Greater Chautauqua FCU vs. Patricia A. Lynn, $1,949.67.

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Raymond Pfleuger, $1,834.75.

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. Rebecca S. Horton, $8,293.76.

Crown Asset Management LLC vs. Jennife L. Joy, $11,047.87.

Discover Bank vs. Rodney L. Weidner, $5,884.77.

Western Division FCU vs. Dennis N. Gould and Catherine A. Gould, $10,185.85.

Community Bank NA vs. Elizabeth A. Zilich and Walter J. Zilich, $23,318.33.

Capital One Bank USA NA vs. Channon L. Allenson, $1,502.74.

Capital One Bank USA NA vs. Dawn M. Weaver, $1,482.82.

Community Bank NA vs. Deeleta L. Whitehill, $5,740.86.

Greater Chautauqua FCU vs. Shirley L. Dietz, $2,814.46.

Unifund CCR LLC vs. Benjamin C. Tallchief, $3,335.05.

Credit Acceptance Corp. vs. Kierstyn Gordon dba Green Corry, $11,021.18.

New City Funding Corp. vs. Laura K. Lawson and Robert L. Brandow, $17,681.74.

People of NYS vs. Rosa I. Lopez, $50

People of NYS vs. Aerial E. Wilcox, $120.

People of NYS vs. Stephanie A. Gould, $250.

People of NYS vs. Jason R. Cruz, $250.

People of NYS vs. Jason R. Cruz, $250.

People of NYS vs. Jason R. Cruz, $250.

People of NYS vs. Jason R. Cruz, $250.

People of NYS vs. William B. Jones, $120.

People of NYS vs. Marquez J. Davis, $250.

People of NYS vs. Marquez J. Davis, $250.

People of NYS vs. Joshua T. Williams, $120.

People of NYS vs. Rosa I. Lopez, $250.

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Lisa D. Dale, $9,102.43.

Portfolio Recovery Assoc. vs. Kayla R. Nickerson, $2,116.41.

Southern Chautauqua FCU vs. Cherie M. White, $2,317.41.


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