New Chapter

Lakeview Gardens has been under the new ownership of Jason and Lisa Spain since October. Along with flowers, the business has grown to include, candy, candles, jewelry and other products. From left are floral designer Debra Jorenby, owners Jason and Lisa Spain and floral designers Daman Holland and Jennifer Balia. P-J photo By William Mohan

A local florist has entered a new chapter of family ownership.

Originally owned by Ted and Cathy Card, Lakeview Gardens was purchased by Jason and Lisa Spain in October 2018. Since then, the couple has also managed to expand the business beyond flowers.

The Spains originally had a family member who owned a floral business in Randolph so it seemed a perfect fit to them.

“Our extended family had the operations at Forget-Me-Not Flowers,” Jason Spain said. “When the family member that owned Forget-Me-Not retired and closed, we were able to find this location and purchase it. We brought over another family member who has a great deal of background in flower design.”

That family member is Debra Jorenbey who is also Lisa Spain’s aunt. Jorenbey also worked at Forget-Me-Not Flowers.

“It’s been a family business,” Jason Spain said, “It was a great opportunity for us.”

Jason Spain said the couple was approached about purchasing the business by a representative of the Cards.

“They asked us if we would be interested and we started discussions at that point,” Jason Spain said. “We did develop an interest in the business and wound up purchasing it.”

While the business has come under their new ownership, the couple said no changes were made to the positions and the name.

“We kept the name from the previous owners and the (five) employees,” Jason Spain said. “We’re beginning to put our touch on the business. We made a lot of substantial changes to inventory and the retail side specifically.”

In addition to flowers, Lakeview Gardens also sells jewelry, gifts, essential oils, T-shirts, candles and candy. The business has also developed a kiosk for Peterson’s Corn Crib Candies.

“We are growing our retail side because the floral side was already well established and doing quite well, but there was a lot of opportunity in the retail side to grow that segment of the business,” Jason Spain said.

He credits Lisa Spain for the business’s growth in additional products. He also cited that her passion for them made it possible.

The couple uses local vendors to supply the business’s products. The Spains also said any product they offer can be created to a customer’s design.

“Whatever your dream and budget, we can do it,” Jason Spain said.

The Spains also created a new logo for the business.

On the floral side of the business, Lakeview Gardens offers a variety of flowers and floral arrangements to cater to any occasion including bouquets and hanging baskets.

Events the business caters to includes weddings, funerals, graduations, business events and special occasions. The store offers pick up and delivery options as well as direct purchase.

Lakeview Gardens also contracts with local businesses, churches, hotels and similar organizations for decorating arrangements.

“We sell (year-round) plants and seasonal plants depending on the holidays,” Lisa Spain said.

In floral arrangements, Lakeview Gardens offers wreaths and customized orders. These include floral dyeing and decorations. These services are all provided by professional designers at the business.

Recently, the Spains purchased a new delivery van in order to increase space, with its new logo printed on the vehicle.

“We had more capacity to deliver,” Jason Spain said of the purchase.

The couple cited their ability to provide a wide variety of floral products to their proximity to B.W. Wholesale Flowers. This accessibility also allows them to quickly restock and prevents overstocking of flowers.

For more information on rates and services, visit lakeviewgardens-ny.com, find Lakeview Gardens on Facebook or call 488-0859. There hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. Lakeview Gardens is located at 1259 N. Main St. in Jamestown.