Lymph Drainage Therapy Available

Amy Livingood

Chautauqua Physical & Occupational Therapy has announced that Amy Livingood, occupational therapy director, is now trained in manual lymph drainage.

Manual lymph drainage is a pain-free technique used by a trained therapist. The technique helps reduce the swelling a patient is experiencing in an affected body area. The therapist uses gentle, rhythmic pumping movements.

Many people can benefit from manual lymph drainage. If you have experienced any type of swelling in an affected limb or body region such as the neck or back, you may benefit. If you have pain in a joint or experience migraines, you could benefit. If you are struggling with swelling following a recent surgery or if you have a recent injury to a body part and are too early to begin therapy, you could benefit. Those who have been diagnosed with constipation or varicose veins would benefit. Manual lymph drainage has been an effective tool in treating these and multiple other diagnoses. Please contact your primary care physician or this therapist if you would like to know how manual lymph drainage may benefit you.

Call Chautauqua Physical & Occupational Therapy at 488-2322 for more information.