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Auto Shop Changes Locations

Immaculate Koncepts has now changed its name to IK Audio and also moved to a new location at 155 E. Fairmount Ave. in Lakewood. P-J photo by William Mohan

LAKEWOOD – Immaculate Koncepts has a new name and home.

The automotive and electronic shop offering light, stereo and audio applications has moved from its former location at 54 E. Main St. in Falconer to a new one at 155 E. Fairmount Ave. in Lakewood.

It is now under a new name called IK Audio. The business also is a registered U-Haul dealer and is in the process of becoming a delivery transfer location for FedEx.

Owner and operator Rob Triscari said the new addition is a unique opportunity for the community.

“It will be a big thing to ship packages out of here,” Triscari said.

IK Audio offers vehicle modifications including lights, interiors and stereos. The business was formerly located in Falconer under the name Immaculate Koncepts. P-J photo by William Mohan

Triscari also said IK Audio will offer FedEx service all week.

The move to the current location along with the addition of FedEx services and products is the recent chapter of a 19-year saga for Triscari. Having previously worked as a technician for CellularOne, he gained a firsthand knowledge of electronics and cell phones in particular.

“They (CellularOne) sent me to school for cell phone repair and so I got an electronics background from there,” Triscari said. “I have been doing it professionally for almost 25 years.”

During this time he moved on to specialize in mobile electronics. This is a field he had previous experience, dating back to his childhood.

“When I was a kid, I would toy with speakers etc.,” he said. “My mom saw me ripping radio parts, taking them apart and asking why would I do that. And she was like, ‘Just let him go with it.'”

His employment with CellularOne came from working with a fellow technician who worked on stereos as a business, Triscari began to advance his love and career of electronics.

“He saw I did things very well and meticulous, and that is how I came to CellularOne,” he said.

Even after moving away from the area, Triscari continued to focus on consumer electronics and related fields as a hobby. He did this even while he was working for other employers.

The new millennium proved a new beginning for Triscari when after returning to the region he decided to do a parts business on the side. In 2000, he received his business license and established his location in Falconer under the name of Immaculate Koncepts.

“In January 2000, I thought I’m going to do my own little thing,” Triscari said.

At the time he started, Triscari had full inventory in his home and worked out of his garage. He was also working full-time as a store manager at Wegmans. Triscari said his time there gave him insight as to how to run a business.

“Looking at a Fortune 500 company, how they handled their business and their employees, I catered that into my small business,” he said.

In 2003, he committed full-time to the business. In 2017, he became a U-Haul dealer. The decision to move to the Lakewood location came as a last minute decision according to Triscari.

“I saw that the location was available and purchased it,” he said. “With the move I altered the name to IK Audio.”

Triscari said that other motivations included the location being a main road that is heavy with traffic and an ideal store front.

The business offers custom modifications to boats, side-by-sides, cars, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and similar vehicles. Products offered include audio installations (both interior and trunk), interior fabrications, cruise controls, heated seating, car and truck accessories, vent shades, lighting, remote starters and emergency vehicle applications.

Triscari also said IK Audio also has been trusted by many local automotive dealers.

In addition to an increased inventory, a new website for the business is in development. A grand opening of the Lakewood location is planned for Saturday.

For more information on IK Audio’s products and services call 665-3732 or email at ImmaculateKoncepts@yahoo.com.


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