Wag Supply Co. Creating Treats

Left, Mikinna Martin has started the new business Wag Supply Co. that upcycles spent grain from the craft beer brewing process and turns it into dog treats. Submitted photo

Wag Supply Co. is a locally owned, sustainable business upcycling spent grain from the craft beer brewing process and turning it into dog treats. Jamestown native Mikinna Martin combined her passion of animals, craft beer and baking, and is doing what she can to help Chautauqua area animals in need. Wag Supply Co. has partnered with Big Inlet Brewery in Mayville and is taking their spent grain, which otherwise is useless to the brewer after the brewing process has been completed. Martin then combines the spent grain with human-grade ingredients you can find in the kitchen (whole wheat flour, peanut butter and eggs) and finishes with a two-hour dehydration process so there is no need for mystery preservatives. The Wag Supply Co. motto is, “Good for your dog, good for the community.” Martin has partnered with the Chautauqua County Humane Society and is generously donating $1 from every purchase. Martin also plans to donate treats directly to the Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue. Martin is offering free local delivery within 30 miles of the Jamestown area and they are available for purchase online or in-person.