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Family Video Expands With CBD Products

From left, Family Video employees Kristen Prentiss, associate district manager, Allison Bonetsky, Jamestown store manager, and Scott Westberg, Highland Ventures regional manager, stand with their new line of CBD products available in the Jamestown branch. P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

As the cannabidiol market continues to grow, Jamestown Family Video has introduced its line of CBD products to customers this month.

Kristen Prentiss, associate district manager at Family Video, told The Post-Journal that CBD products they carry include zero THC content in the natural water, gummy, oil, spray and lip balm products customers will be able to find at the front counter.

Natural Native, a company based out of Oklahoma, serves as Family Video’s CBD provider, something that Highland Ventures regional manager Scott Westberg said helps assure customers that their CBD products are coming through a reputable market.

“A lot of people in our company have had problems (CBD) has helped them out with,” Westberg said.

Those Family Video staff members include the Highland Ventures owner, who Family Video district manager Josh Stephens said was relieved of a tennis elbow through CBD treatment. Since then, Highland Ventures, Family Video’s parent company, has become more proactive in helping people relax with more than just movies.

“(CBD) does a lot of the same things medical marijuana would do but without the THC,” Prentiss said.

She encouraged people who try CBD to experiment with dosage since it’s impossible to overdose on one natural item. Prentiss reported that most who have tried CBD from the Family Video location have had positive things to say about how it helped them relieve aches and stress.

Last year, Family Video launched CBD products in 25 stores throughout the midwest and northeast United States. After positive feedback, CBD products expanded into many more locations, including Jamestown, which started April 1.

“We’re hearing a lot of great success stories with the product itself,” Prentiss said.

In terms of movie rentals and purchases, Family Video has recently added the options for customers to buy digital movies for cheaper than they could be found online. New releases and older films still line just about every aisle in the store.

Westberg said they’ll be interested in finding a tenant to replace the Marco’s Pizza that closed shop in August 2018. Marco’s Pizza is another brand owned by Highland Ventures, but the company is open to bringing in other types of outlets.

Westberg said Marco’s Pizza closed down primarily because of the increase in New York state minimum wage that went into effect four months after Marco’s Pizza closed. Regional staff have also considered finding another eatery to fill the location.

A phone provider was listed as a likely option to fill the space neighboring Family Video on 605 N. Main St. as well.

Jamestown store manager Allison Bonetsky said Family Video stays relevant in the modern age of streaming movies because people who stop by enjoy the social and nostalgic experience of physically renting movies.

“This is a home-town feel. This isn’t Family Video; this is Allison’s video,” Westberg said referring to Bonetsky if she were to rent a video from the store.

Family Video can be contacted at 488-0058. The store is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days per week.

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