Grand Achievement

Elite Kreations Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Elite Kreations is celebrating its 10th anniversary providing automotive detailing services in Jamestown. Since Robert and Debra Reedy started their business, they have expanded to providing U-Haul truck rentals, plowing and landscaping. Submitted photo

Robert and Debra Reedy, a husband and wife who wanted to rent the property at 731 E. Second St. to take care of their own vehicles, unexpectedly began their own automotive detailing business after a resident asked for a car wash.

Ten years later, Elite Kreations has expanded its business to offer most services customers could want for their vehicles. In the past few years, Elite Kreations has also offered U-Haul truck rentals and moving, plowing and Elite Landscaping services.

“We started out small,” Robert Reedy said. “One thing led to another. We’ve come a long way.”

Reedy wants to be known as a “one-stop shop” for residents’ various vehicle needs. He said Elite Kreations provides everything from an oil change and undercoating to inspections and the replacement of parts, including tires. The only major thing Elite Kreations doesn’t offer is full-on repairs, but they do coordinate with other local businesses to get customers’ vehicles in prime condition.

“Small businesses have to stick together,” Reedy said.

Reedy and his wife began their business as a specialty store offering car washes and detailing in 2009. As they celebrate their ten-year anniversary, they reflect on their successes and expansions. Originally, they hadn’t hired any employees for the first year and a half; now they employ seven people who handle car detailing and various other jobs.

Elite Kreations became the home for U-Haul rentals five years ago, and since then, the business has been labeled the No. 1 U-Haul dealer in the area for five years and one of the 100 best U-Haul dealers in the nation by U-Haul.

Reedy said they also sell barbeque sauce and offer Blue Rhino propane at their 731 E. Second St. location. Towing services are also offered through the business by Anytime Towing & Auto. Carco Services also aide customers in getting photo inspections for insurance purposes. With their business expansions over the years, availability and convenience have become the pillars of Elite Kreations. The business has received mostly perfect ratings from dozens of customers online.

“We give back what we can to the community,” Reedy also noted.

Charitable donations have been given to the Seeley family, who later began the Fight for Seeley Scholarship Fund, Kallie’s Krusade and the Jamestown Christmas Parade. Elite Kreations provides free plowing to Love Inc., and its employees donate their time to St. Susan Center and local Little League sports teams.

Elite Kreations is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for car detailing and other services. The business is open on Sundays for U-Haul rental and delivery only from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Elite Kreations can be reached at 484-6246 or at their Facebook page: