Evergreen Health Expands Southern Tier Services

To meet the healthcare needs of people in the Southern Tier, Evergreen Health opened a new location at 320 Prather Ave. in Jamestown.

The building will be the central hub for specialty care services in the region, including HIV care, Hepatitis C care, STI testing and PrEP services. Evergreen is not expanding its primary care services in the region at this time.

The 2,600-square-foot office has a large waiting area, three exam rooms and one space for private patient consultations. The entrance and restrooms are ADA accessible and there is ample parking adjacent to the building.

“The expansion of specialty care services in the Southern Tier aligns with our goals to provide quality healthcare and decrease barriers to care,” said Melissa Gulino, Evergreen Health administration vice president. “Continually improving the patient experience is at the core of all we do and we’re excited to have opened a new facility in this region.”

To support the growth, Evergreen has hired one nurse practitioner, two registered nurses, one medical case manager and two front desk clerks who will work at the Prather Avenue location.

“As the local leader in HIV care, it’s important that we continue to provide prevention and treatment services to areas outside of Buffalo,” Gulino said. “We want to make sure people in rural locations have access to the same kind of care as people in urban areas.”

Evergreen Health offers the following services in the Southern Tier: care coordination, 408 W. Fifth St., syringe exchange, 31 Water St. and specialty care, 320 Prather Ave.

Evergreen will continue to provide specialty care services in its Olean and Dunkirk locations. Patients seeking specialty care services in the Southern Tier can call the Prather Avenue office at 664-7855.