Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Has Both Voice, Face

Regional Editor John D’Agostino on July 10 labeled the Chautauqua County Democratic Committee as being in shambles and having no message, voice or face.

We do have a voice and face in 2020 and his name is Richard Morrisroe, our candidate for Chautauqua County executive. As the opinion correctly points out, “Morrisroe, Dunkirk city attorney, is knowledgeable and experienced in politics …” Morrisroe is offering real leadership and has the training and experience to run the county on day one.

Incumbent District Attorney Patrick Swanson is a winner and serves in a non-political elected position at the top of our local 2020 ticket. Joe Biden for President Tracy Mitrano for Congress, Frank Puglisi for state Senate and Christina Cardinale for state Assembly round out a great slate of candidates who are all qualified and prepared to do the people’s work.

My job as county party leader is to maintain and expand the infrastructure of a county committee that finds candidates and places candidates on the ballot across our 27 towns, two cities and 13 villages. Our committee meets in small groups working to elect and support Democratic candidates at every level. I provide a centralized resource of tools and information that allows local candidates what they need to win.

How are we doing? There are 47 member counties in the New York State Democratic Rural Conference. Of the elected officials in all of rural New York State, 25% of the total were elected in Chautauqua County. While other counties talk and have trouble electing or even finding candidates to run, we consistently raise the flag and provide a lot of choice for voters. Across the USA, rural America is increasingly red. However I have done my job keeping Chautauqua County viable as a two party community. I’ve done this against the odds and contrary to the norm for rural places.

Democratic mayors and supervisors in our county include Dunkirk City Mayor Willie Rosas, Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist, Pomfret Supervisor Dan Pacos, Portland Supervisor Dan Schrantz, Ripley Supervisor Doug Bowen, Chautauqua Supervisor Don Emhardt, Dunkirk Town Supervisor Dick Purol, Ellington Supervisor Karen Bifaro, Hanover Supervisor Todd Johnson, Mina Supervisor Rebecca Brumagin, Falconer Mayor James Jaroszynski, Sinclairville Mayor James Kianon and Wesfield Mayor Michael VandeVelde. A total of 80 county elected officials are registered Democrats or ran on our line alone to win election.

The most important job of the Democratic Party is to place the Democratic Commissioner at the county Board of Elections. There is no doubt to the level of service the Board of Elections provides our citizens. While many county boards across New York State and across our country have failed in the delivery of voting services, we have succeeded and excelled within a skinny budget. Being Election Commissioner has become a complex job requiring superior management skills, computer technology knowledge and an ability to make decisions on the fly. My tenure dates back to 1999 and I am proud of the job we have done delivering voting services.

In conclusion, I am proud to report that the Chautauqua County Democratic Party is alive and providing great ballot choices in a county that has veered slightly to the right over the past several years.

Norman Green is the chairman of the Chautauqua County Democratic Party.


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