Sally Arrives With An Interesting Surprise

The third installment was met with a surprise.

Sally arrived with Roosevelt. They sat adjoining one another.

Sally introduced us, we shook hands, and we proceeded. Roosevelt, thank you for coming. Sally, what have you shared with Roosevelt ahead of coming together today? Sally turned to Roosevelt.

“Do you remember what we talked about, honey?” Roosevelt made a gesture suggesting uncertainty. “Let me remind you, dear. We went out for dinner and a couple of drinks. At the bar, I told you about going to counseling. You looked confused and clueless. I explained to you that your football outbursts were driving me crazy. I am tired of you getting overly upset when your Bills team loses. It’s only a game, honey.” Roosevelt, how do you feel about being here today? Were you forced into coming?

“Nah. Sally explained more than she just said. I guess I do go over-board. They are my team. I want to see them do well. When they lose, yes, I get upset. Are you a football fan, sir?”

I looked to Sally, then to Roosevelt. Yes, sir, 1 am. I’ve watched football for many years. “Are you a Bills fan?” Yes, I am. “When they lose and play lousy, do you get upset?” Good question, Roosevelt.

Yes, I used to get upset and probably go overboard. My family questioned my association with the Bills. Why did I get upset, they asked? Roosevelt looked at Sally. “See, even this guy gets upset, too. And you pay him for it?” Sally shook her head.

“I think this man is being honest with you. He could have lied or made stuff up. Sounds like he’s gained control, is that right?”

Yes, Sally, I get upset when the Bills lose or play poorly but I don’t let my reaction go over the top. Sally looked at Roosevelt.

“Honey, I just feel sad that you get so upset. You let your mood foul up our dinner and bedtime. That’s what’s sad. Have you even noticed you watch the game alone? I don’t sit with you and neither do the boys. Also, don’t you think about our friends? Remember how much fun we had rotating Sunday games? We had lots of laughs, good food and drinks. Everyone dressed up in Buffalo Bills attire, even the children. One more thing, dear … remember how we’d get together with our friends who relocated for work to New England? They liked the Patriots. I thought the comments and jabs were all in good fun. Guess I was wrong. Well, I miss them. Do you, Roosevelt?”

“Not really. They disrespected our football team. Their jabs as you call it pissed me off. Didn’t it bother you at all?” “Geez, Roosevelt. God, you’re too much. I mean, wow! I just had a strange thought. Dear, do you bet money on the games?”

“Hell no! What do you take me for, a fool? Don’t you trust me, Sally? Where the hell is that question coming from?”

“Well, anyone in my estimation who is so pissed by the game and blows a gasket if they lose, maybe he’s too invested.” I pulled forward in my seat.

Roosevelt, can you explain to us where your investment with the Bills is rooted? “Listen, I grew up a football fan. I’ve followed the Bills as a loyal devoted fan. I love when they win and hate when they lose. When they lost the four Super Bowls, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. Our region became the butt of jokes from around the country. Guess I took it personally. Yeah, I get it. I have no monetary investment. I don’t lose money. Guess it’ s a pride thing. Newspaper articles ridicule Buffalo and the Bills. It gets me angry.”

I believe I understand your position, Roosevelt. When the Bills win, it reflects on the mood of our region. We celebrate and kind of come together; everyone, no matter race, creed, color, or religion. I’ve seen people hug and slap five.

When they lose, guess you know the loss, too, as a reflection of our region. Some folks get visibly upset, some get quiet. Either way, we come together following a week of work.

Football has evolved into a place to cut loose emotionss tied up elsewhere. We celebrate a victory as if to say for some people, at least there’s something in my (our) life worth feeling good about. A rough work week leading up to a loss, hardly anything to feel good about, right? Roosevelt looked to Sally.

“See, Sally, this man gets it. I’m not alone. Lots of people get emotional.” You’ re right, Roosevelt. You need, however, to understand that the Bills aren’t realistically a reflection of you or anyone else who’s had a good or bad week. The game does allow us to let loose. We do need to have some semblance of control. I’m glad you don’t gamble on the game. Yet, you do in an emotional way, Roosevelt.

You and many others unconsciously hope the outcome of the game will affect your emotions. Your emotions during the week, might I suggest, should be shared openly with Sally. Doing so might bring you back together and offer a more enjoyable time watching the game. Maybe your mantra can be let it loose and let it go. Sally loves you.

Don’t get trapped into pushing her away from a football game investment.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.


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