I Dig Rock And Roll Music

In August of 1967, folk singers Peter, Paul and Mary released a song, written by Noel Paul Stookey, a member of that popular group. The song was on the Warner Brothers label and was titled, “I Dig Rock and Roll Music.”

Those who remember the coining of the phrase rock’n’roll by Alan Freed, remember the great groups who performed the music our parents wanted us to hate, but it didn’t quite happen that way. From the 1950s and on, there have been some performers who served as backups to some memorable lead singers, and music by groups who started out calling themselves one thing, but later changed their name to what we know them by now.

So, it’s time to turn the tables on a piece done years ago in this column where we gave the lead singers and asked for the backup group, as we now ask if you can name the lead singer for the groups given. There are also a few questions on those groups who changed their name along the way and are called by the name by which we know them best.

Grab your pencils and paper and meet back here in a couple minutes for this latest trip through the mental juke boxes of our past, as we see if we really know who made that rock and roll music Peter, Paul and Mary told us to dig.

Here we go.


1. Who was the lead singer for the Aces?

2. Who led the group, The Belmonts?

3. Who sang in front of The Teenagers?

4. Who did The Miracles back up?

5. Who was the lead singer of The Imperials?

6. Who led The Blue Notes?

7. What group was originally called The Four Lovers?

8. Who led The Pharaohs?

9. Who was the lead singer of The Dominoes (1950s)?

10. Who was the lead singer of Derek And The Dominos (1970s)?

11. The duo, Tom and Jerry, eventually became what popular group?

12. Who sang in front of The Doors?

13. Who was the lead singer of the Stone Poneys?

14. The backup group, The Blackhearts, backed up whom?

15. Who led The Shondells?

16. What group began their popular run as The Quarrymen?

17. Who was the lead singer of The Vandellas?

18. Who led the Crickets on stage?

19. Who was the lead singer of The Range?

20 Who started up The Sunshine Band?

21. Who was the lead singer of The Waves?

22. Who shared the musical stage with The News?

23. Who led The Blowfish?

24. Who sang in front of the Family Stone?

25. Who took the stage with The Techniques?

There you go.

Twenty-five groups who paved the way and laid the foundation of one of our parents’ greatest nightmares; that we learn to dig rock’n’roll music. Giving you the self-correct answers in case a couple stumped you. Each correct answer will get you four points in this latest edition of the Voice from the Bullpen’s Test of Trivia.

Hope you aced this one.


1. Desmond Decker

2. Dion (DiMucci)

3. Frankie Lymon

4. Smokey Robinson

5. Little Anthony (Gourdine)

6. Harold Melvin

7. The Four Seasons. (Later Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.)

8. Sam the Sham (Domingo “Sam” Samudio)

9. Billy Ward

10. Eric Clapton

11. Simon and Garfunkel

12. Jim Morrison

13. Linda Ronstadt

14. Joan Jett

15. Tommy James

16. The Beatles

17. Martha (Reeves)

18. Buddy Holly

19. Bruce Hornsby

20. K.C. (Harry Wayne Casey)

21. Katrina (Leskanish)

22. Huey Lewis

23. Hootie (Darius Rucker)

24. Sly (Stone)

25. Jay (Proctor)

For those who were teenagers starting from the 1950s, until the present time, it is probably as much of our past as hot dogs, mom’s apple pie, and the girl next door, and it wouldn’t have been as great as it was, is, and will be, without some very talented singers and harmonizers. Many are included in this latest little memory jogger, courtesy of the Voice from the Bullpen.

Hope you all scored well. Keep on a rockin’ and a rollin’ everyone.


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