Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Do you ever wonder why some things are the way they are? Maybe it’s because things are said by one person and then snowballed by others, and then more think it’s funny, and then our kids hear it from adults, and they develop a disrespectful feeling or attitude and must think it’s okay because they hear adults expressing themselves the same way.

We live in a country where people accused of a wrongdoing against a law, are supposed to be deemed innocent until proven guilty. Ever listen to the news, and hear the biasedness of people interviewed, and even some reporters themselves? And then ever wonder why, instead of justice, people sound more like they are seeking vengeance?

Ever hear the jokes about men and women who serve and protect our communities and the quips about coffee and doughnuts and telling police and law enforcers how to get to the nearest place that serves coffee and doughnuts? My first question is, if those jokesters claim they have seen so many law enforcers picking up coffee, that means they must have been there too, so why is it OK for these “comedians” to drink coffee and eat doughnuts, but police officers must be made the butts of jokes? Also, why is it that those same gag makers are often first to call law enforcers when they feel someone is doing them wrong? Ever wonder if they think about that first? Then, ever wonder why young people have then walked on their “stages” to do their stand-up routines about policemen and policewomen? Could it be that they’ve heard the “jokes” from their adult “role models,” and must think it’s okay if their parents do it?

Ever wonder why some young people have skewed attitudes about adult authority in schools, or with regard to their jobs, or with regard to our city, state, and country executives, legislators, and judicial persons responsible for the representation of all people in our city, state and country?

Maybe one answer to this question can be answered with another question (though in school we were always told you don’t answer a question with another question, but we’ll make an exception in this case.) Ever spend five minutes on social media?

Regarding school matters, parent teacher conferences, which are held with an unwritten understanding that what’s said in conference, stays in conference, respecting the professionalism and confidentiality of that meeting, yet many break that barrier on so many fronts. When that happens, things are said about schools, teachers, etc., in front of the kids, and all of a sudden the young people begin expressing their feelings toward their educators and educational institution, based on what they’ve heard said. Then quite often things are posted on social media by people associated with said conferences or meetings. Ever wonder if there’s a connection? (I am not sure if kids post, as I do not friend any young people if they have not graduated from high school, unless they were former students, and only when they were seniors and may have needed a reference for school or employment.)

Regarding jobs, good work habits seem to be something of a past thing for some people. People show up late for work more often, and some are taking more days off than their jobs may allow, by employer or contract. Ironically, some kids seem to have the same habits as there are a number of kids who are often late to school, and more frequent absentees as well. Ever wonder of one thing has anything to do with the other?

As far as political views regarding leaders of cities, states, and countries, are concerned, social media has become the resurrection of Fort Sumter, Antietam, Vicksburg, and Gettysburg, in what seems like a version of Civil War Part II. And our young people certainly visit social media. Ever wonder if their attitudes are influenced by this?

Back to the original situation of police officer jokes and pokes, anyone wonder how they’d feel if their daughter or son was someone who left their house each day of duty and served and protected people they didn’t even know, and then were disrespected by wannabe comedians? Ever wonder?

Maybe, some should wonder what it would be like to be in the positions of the people they disrespect.


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