A Fuller Heart: Moments Full Of Popcorn

Have you ever had popcorn made on a stove top? When I was a kid, it was one of my favorite snacks — especially when my mom, Donna, would make it. It is actually still a favorite of mine, and it leaves microwave popcorn sitting the dust every time.

I’ve written about the magic of my mom’s popcorn before, but I don’t think its magnificence has graced this forum. It really was an event, even though Mom didn’t know it.

There was a special pan she would use, and when she pulled it out of the cupboard, you knew it was going to be a good night. Maybe there was a special television show on TV. Or maybe it was a movie night. Either way, you knew you were about to have the best salty snack in the world.

She started the magic off with a pat of butter melting gently in the pan, swirling it over the fire and letting it sizzle. Then, the little golden kernels were poured into the pan and the metal lid, painted an eggshell color, was placed on top. Then, she would swirl the pan over the fire, slowly until the popping started. All I could do was stare in wonder. The pan would fill with the billowy white popcorn, and she would pour it into a giant silver bowl.

Then, more butter would grace the pan to melt and be put on top of the popcorn. A little salt and a whole lot of love was sprinkled on top as we each grabbed a bowl of the heavenly stuff.

Those little moments we spent together throughout my childhood – be it with popcorn, watching movies or other gestures and actions my Mom provided are the things I remember most. She may not know it, but she made my life special in more than a million little and big ways over the years. Much like the popcorn popping in the pan, the little touches of love, compassion and care popped up in my life when I needed it most – and it still does.

My mother’s popcorn was so special to me because it was something she knew we could enjoy together — and she made it with love. It might not have looked like much to someone else — but to us, it was a family tradition that lives on today. My kiddos now get excited when I pull out the pan and swirl it over the fire until we have a huge bucket of the stuff.

Remember, my friends, it’s not always the big, flashy things that are so important. Sometimes all it takes it a little popcorn and some love. What are the popcorn moments of your life?