Voice From The Bullpen: ‘Tis The Season

The following is written taking liberties from, and giving thanks to, Clement Clark Moore in this tweaking of his “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”

ı ı ı

‘Tis three weeks before Christmas, and all through our place, there is nothing a-stirring, not even a trace.

The stockings are hung and the tree stands up tall, the train underneath it, goes around like a ball.

The cards are all sent, decorations are up, we now drink our coffee out of a Christmassy cup.

Our annual party has already been planned, the cookies are baking, Sally’s treats are so grand.

The manger is up for to celebrate the season, reminding us all whose birth is the reason.

The carols ring out as we scurry about, houses are lit both inside and out.

Old Christmas shows and movies we view, and old TV specials we like to watch too.

And then there’s the sweet smells of baked goods and food, all of that fueling our holiday mood.

All of this fills us with laughter and cheer, each time we celebrate this time of year.

Thoughts of past Christmases, times we all knew, memories live on in the things we still do,

The people, the places, the sounds and the sights, the solemnity and the quiet of nights,

There were times of excitement, times of soft peace, times of deep thoughts, amid trees, lights, and wreaths,

And then there were people who were worth all the fuss, of doing whatever, ’cause they’re special to us.

And back in the present, traditions live on, with the mangers, the trees, and the food and the fun,

Then we stop and think twice the reason for this glee, the Child born in Bethlehem so near Galilee.

And then we get on with preparation and joy, with the excitement so childlike, like each girl and boy,

And we decorate, plan menus, and shop ’til we drop, and we wish upon each tree star that sits way on top,

Our wishes are mostly for peace to each one, to each of all people who live under the sun,

That hearts be filled with compassion and love, all given to us from our Maker above.

That all frowns turn to smiles if just for one day, and that pain and despair disappear all the way

And that tolerance take over for meanness and hate, and to all we learn to be compassionate.

And that all wars can stop, and that all get along, and we learn to forgive those we feel did us wrong.

We wish for each other good health and good cheer, and a happy and prosperous coming New Year.

That smiles reign about on everyone’s face, and happiness take over in sadness’s place.

They’re only just wishes, I know they’re not real, but they sure warm our hearts at this cold time of year.

So we continue to wish and hope for us all, that this magic of Christmas like the snow on us falls.

And that we smile and give wishes as each other we pass, and toast one another with a clink of our glass.

And give to each one, the gift of ourselves, much better than anything hand made by the elves.

Friendship, and caring, compassion and love, the example given us by He who’s above.

For that is the greatest gift we can give, not just at this time, but all days that we live.

So in these days that lead up to this Christmas Day, may we always remember these words to say,

God bless us and keep us all the days we are here, and that peace and good will be our mantra next year.

And as C. C. Moore ended his epic so right, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

ı ı ı

That’s pretty much where I am with three weeks to go before we celebrate Christmas. Sally will be doing more, I know, as there are more cookies to bake, there are presents to wrap (she is far more talented doing both than I am), and plans to be finalized for our annual Christmas Gathering of friends, where this year we are serving a sit-down Lasagna Dinner, rather than just snacks and finger foods. (That I can help with, as I enjoy cooking, I just hate the cleaning up part afterward.)

Doing all of this, though, will not let us lose the reason for the season, nor dampen our spirit for the upcoming holidays. We have much to celebrate and be thankful for this year. We added a beautiful daughter-in-law to our family. Our children are healthy and doing quite well, as are our grandsons too. I survived a medical trauma and am back at full force. All of this has made us appreciate each day we get up. We know we’ve been lucky, while others have suffered sadness, loss, health issues, etc. We pray for them and all others in this community, this country, and this world, who are not as fortunate as we are, and who suffer from intolerance, unacceptance, loneliness, depression, hunger, homelessness, hatred and violence.

Our wish to everyone for these holidays and the New Year, and all the days of all of our lives, is that we all share Peace, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Acceptance, and Love. From my family to all of you at this time of year, and always, Peace.