It’s The Most Important Meal Of The Day

How often have we been told the title above in our lives? We’ve heard it from family, from friends, from physicians, from newspaper ads and from television commercials. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Because it is so talked about these days, I thought it might be good to dedicate today’s Voice from the Bullpen space to breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

What’s that you ask? Will there be a test on this? Hate to throw it at you, but there is no information to take notes on, or study. This is a pop quiz, students. Close your books, take out a piece of paper and a pencil, and get ready for the latest edition of VFTB brain scratchers with today’s topic being Breakfast.

First and foremost though, before we begin, have you had your breakfast today? If not, go grab a bagel, or a piece of fruit, or a bowl of your favorite hot or cold cereal, and jump start your brain with some energy and brain food. I’ll wait for you.

Everyone back? Are we ready? Your goal is to try and identify the breakfast food or breakfast place based on these taglines, or slogans. There may be a (blank) to fill in, or you may be asked to name a breakfast food based on the given advertising slogan. Maybe it will be using a tagline or slogan having something to do with a place to have breakfast, regardless, each question will just something to have to do with breakfast. There will be two bonus questions at the end, one for two points and one for five points, so grab that pencil, and get on your mark, get set, and let’s go!

1. “The only thing better for thee, is me.”

2. “They’re great!!”

3. “I want my (blank)!”

4. “Snap, Krackle, Pop!”

5. “They’re magically delicious.”

6. “I’m cuckoo for (blank)!”

7. “Kid tested, Mother approved.”

8. “Follow my nose, it always knows.”

9. “The Breakfast of Champions.”

10. “He likes it, Hey Mikey!”

11. “Silly rabbit, (blank) are for kids.”

12. “They’re A B C Delicious”

13. “The taste you can see.”

14. “It’s a honey of an O.”

15. “So happy together.”

16. “The cereal shot from guns.”

17. “Gotta have my Pops.”

18. “Two scoops”

19. “Better taste, Better nutrition, Better (blank).”

20. “Americas Best Place to Eat.”

21. “America’s diner is always open.”

22. “Leggo my (blank)!”

23. “(Blank), down on the farm.”

24. “Own it!”

25. “Fills you up, not out”

Bonus Question No. 1 (two points)

1 “Got (blank)?”

Bonus question No. 2 (five points)

2. Identify a word that means a corner, or a recess, also known as an alcove, cubbyhole, cavity, that which is sometimes associated with breakfast.

There you go. Hope you all now know how important breakfast is to all of our well-beings. Also, hope you did well on this pop quiz. Your best possible score is 107, and here are the answers, if you think you need them.

That’s it for this week, folks. If you’ve had breakfast already, hope you enjoyed it and are charged up for the day. If you haven’t had breakfast yet, what are you waiting for? Get in that kitchen and whip up some scrambled eggs, or grab a bowl of oatmeal, maybe some yogurt and fruit, a couple pieces of toast, or a bagel, whatever you think will be enough to charge your batteries for the day, and then get out there and have a GREAT day and upcoming week.