Start Implementing Doga Into Your Dog’s Routine

Hello, everyone! It’s that time again… time for our weekly column. This week I want to discuss something one of my employees brought to my attention. It’s something I never really thought about, until now.

She brought to my attention how much yoga, or doga rather, helps both us and our dog. Yes, dog yoga. I knew there were those out there who did this with their dog. But, I didn’t realize how popular it is.

Read on to find out more!

Instead of doing yoga with your friend (or maybe even include him or her if your dog is comfortable), start implementing yoga into your dog’s daily routine.

The meditation involved in yoga is calming to both you and your dog. That’s not really shocking though, is it? We discovered quite long-ago meditation helps relieve our dog’s stress and anxiety.

The music involved also helps our dog relax (and us).

Note: Starting this at home is probably the best idea. Your dog might not be ready to enter your regular yoga session with all those people.

How Does

Doga Benefit

You and Your Dog?

Let’s discuss a few of the many reasons doga sessions could help your dog (and you). It’s important to remember, in order to gain these benefits, the sessions must be regular and consistent or you may not notice any results.



with Dog

Dr. Danni Shemanski, a leading influence in dog yoga, has emphasized feeling of importance and love being felt by your canine companion during doga sessions.

While performing doga with your dog, you’re spending quality time, and furthering the bond you share with one another. If your dog has been craving attention, this could very well be the solution.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, you may see a decrease in the anxiety she is feeling after a few doga sessions.

The mind exercises involved in yoga also increase the connection your dog has with you. The connection and bond will help you understand your dog like you may never have before.

P.S.- Don’t panic if your dog has to use the potty halfway through.

Improved Behavior

When researching Doga, scientists have found doga to improve the focus of dogs… and help their levels of obedience. That’s impressive.

Patience is another area you may see improvement. Your dog is likely to be more patient… as are you.


Anxiety Levels

Yes, we did already talk about doga reducing anxiety levels. But, this is an area which needs emphasized. There are many clients who approach myself (and my team) due to anxiety levels being too high.

Between the yoga, the music, and the time spent with you, your dog is likely to find her mind, body, and soul freed during each doga session.

Weight Loss

Whether you’re healthy and fit, or have a little work to do (same with your dog), both of are you are going to benefit from doga’s calorie burning benefits.

You’re going to be stretching. You’re really going to be working at this.

Those who have never tried yoga will say, ‘that’s way too easy for me.’ As someone who does yoga occasionally, I can tell you it’s not nearly as easy as it looks. You’ll work muscles you didn’t even know you had.

After the session, in my case, you are refreshed. Energized. Relaxed. Less anxious. It’s almost as if yoga slowly strips you of all of your negative energy.

It’s Fun

When your dog will try to imitate you, he will definitely end up looking a little silly. Among all the fun and exercise, you will forget how much time has passed. Yet another reason to implement yoga into your routine.

Social Skills

Once your dog (and you) are ready, you might want to start looking for other people and their dogs to join you. Maybe even offer your own doga class.

Dog parks provide a huge opportunity for you to meet other dog lovers and socialize.

You can ask around… see if anyone is interested in doga. Inform them of the benefits. If they’re interested, that’s fantastic. If not, don’t get offended. There are many who don’t believe in the benefits of yoga… and that’s okay. But if they want to just give it a try, offer them a free class to allow them to ‘feel it out.’

Once others are incorporated not your doga class, your dog will enjoy the benefits of socialization as well. Your dog will not only have the opportunity to bond with other people but other dogs as well.

The Bottom Line

That’s all I have for you today. If you’re interested in learning more about Doga, I highly recommend doing some research on your own to determine if it’s right for you and your dog. You can also type in Dr. Danni Shemanski in Google and find many videos explaining (and showing) doga.

Until next time!


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