Hurricane Dogs

Hello, readers! This week, I would like to talk about Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Within these hurricanes, there are so many dogs who have lost their families. I know if I were missing my dog, I would be a frantic mess trying to find him. Our dogs are our family and, without them, a piece of our family is missing.

There have been hundreds of dogs who have disappeared from their homes or lost their families in the chaos.

Myself and my company, Canine Companions, are partnered with hundreds of rescue organizations who may be able to help reconnect families with their dogs. As such, I have created a Facebook page for those who are missing their dog to post information and photographs in an effort to locate them. The Facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com/hurricanedogs.

If any families have found or rescued a dog throughout the hurricane, they can also post information and photographs on the Facebook page for those searching.

The dogs who were rescued throughout the hurricanes may have been transported to a shelter in a different state which makes the search a bit more difficult. Facebook provides an excellent resource to those who are missing their dogs by allowing the photographs to be shared throughout all areas of the United States, in addition to checking through my partner organizations, for each dog who is posted as ‘missing’ on this page.

When we are missing our dogs, they are also missing us. They are wondering where we are … just like we are wondering where they are. Let’s get these dogs back to their families.

In addition to the dogs who have lost their families, shelters around the United States have taken on an overwhelming number of dogs who were transported away from the areas affected by the hurricanes. Taking on a dog is a life-changing decision, but if you are able to adopt a dog or have been considering adopting a dog, this may be the right time.

Temporarily fostering a dog may be another option if you are able to do so. Many shelters are also now in desperate need of foster homes for dogs as they are overcrowded and may lack adequate resources to take on the number of dogs who have been rescued from both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Fostering a dog, even for a few weeks, could be of serious help to a shelter or rescue organization.

If you are not currently considering adopting a dog, although monetary donations help, you don’t need money to help these organizations. Many shelters are in desperate need of materials such as dog beds, blankets, dog bowls, leashes and other resources. Items sitting around your home may be of incredible help to rescue organizations. Contacting shelters in Florida and/or Texas, and asking if they are in need of any materials makes an incredible difference.

The Houston Humane Society (houstonhumane.org), for example, is in need of the following: Puppy food (dry and canned), dog food (dry and canned), towels (new or used), bleach, isopropyl alcohol, cotton balls, q-tips, bath mats, newspapers, dog treats, thundershirts, baby wipes and leashes. The address for the Houston Humane Society is P.O. Box 450528, Houston, TX 77245.

In Florida, the Jacksonville Humane Society (jaxhumane.org) has also been severely affected. Some of the items Jacksonville Humane Society is in need of include: dog crates, puppy milk replacement, dog beds, plain wire shower curtain hooks, towels, Kong toys. If you would like to send materials to Jacksonville Humane Society, items may be sent to 1821 Foster Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32216.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at www. AmberLDrake.org. Thank you for your help, everyone!


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