Flip Flops And Thank Yous

I’ve been reduced to wearing flip-flops, dear readers, because they are some of the only shoes that still fit. I have a little bit of time left to go, and I am telling you, I’m ready. I am ready for the baby to be here, I am ready to not be the size of Montana any more and I am ready to wear real shoes again.

(However, as those of you who have been pregnant before probably know, after I give birth, I will only be slightly smaller than Montana. Also, I might have to continue wearing flip flops and yoga pants for a little while longer. But, as they say, baby steps are necessary.)

This week, while I was trying to keep my mind off how big my feet are, I read some mail I received at work and decided to hang it up on the divider wall in front of my desk. If you’ve never been in the newsroom, the entire room is basically made up of shades of beige and perhaps brown here and there, so some brightly colored cards and things really helped to brighten it up.

You have no idea how nice it is to read something encouraging and uplifting when you’re feeling a little frazzled and as if your feet are going to be the size of boats in a little while. Thank you, dear friends, for being a beacon of light into a day that seemed rather off-putting.

I appreciate each and every one of you who have emailed, written or called — it puts a smile on my face, and it also lets me know I’m doing the job that has been put before me. Oftentimes, I put words to a page and send it off, not knowing what will happen from there. It’s a scary thought, sometimes, to send these little bits of myself off into the world to be read and perused by whomever should so desire to do so.

There are some hard days when these little bits of encouragement are enough to pick me up and carry me through the rest of it, and it means so much to me. So, dear friends, here is my “Thank You Card” for you. Thank you for reading, thank you for brightening my day and thank you for being a support. I appreciate it more than you know.

Maybe you can hang it up on your wall, and look at it, knowing someone somewhere is wishing you the best and rooting for your success.


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