State Senior Medicare Patrol Gives Tips To Avoid Fraud

The New York State Senior Medicare Patrol educates beneficiaries to prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud.

Although there are many health care fraud scams, three common scams are:

¯ Vaccine Card Scams — fake vaccine cards on being sold on social media for those who do not want to be vaccinated, putting people at risk. Do not post photos of your vaccine card on social media.

¯ New Medicare Card Scams – Scammers are calling and stating that you will receive a new black and white COVID Medicare Card. This is a scam! Call our office if you have received this call and confirmed your Medicare number.

¯ Durable Medical Equipment – is now arriving at your doorstep with forms that the provider wants you to sign. They already have your Medicare number and want you to provide your secondary insurance company information. Do not sign the forms or call the DME provider – call our office for assistance.

The statewide Senior Action Council provides free and confidential services with patients’ rights, Medicare health and prescription drug coverage, service and benefits for seniors and Medicare fraud prevention.

All staff and trained and certified, and available to give presentations to community groups. Those who they have been a victim of Medicare fraud or are interested in a presentation, call 1-800-333-4374 or visit www.nysenior.org.


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