Tips On Identifying Contact Tracers Vs. Scam Artists

Have you been receiving all those annoying phone calls from scam artists stating they are contact tracers?

Are they asking you for your personal identifying information? Have you received emails or text messages about contact tracing that want you to click on links for more information? More than likely these messages are from scam artists.

As the number of COVID-19 cases have gone down in New York State, we know there will be a slight increase of the number of cases as the snowbirds return home for the summer.

People who have tested positive for the coronavirus work with contact tracers to help determine people they have had contact with and let them know they may have been exposed to the virus. Contact tracers not only educate those individuals about the coronavirus but may help connect you with the support you may need while in quarantine.

If a contact tracer calls (or possibly sends a text message) to you, the caller ID will say “NYS CONTACT TRACING” OR 518-387-9993.

Contact tracers will never ask for your social security number, will not ask for private financial information, credit card information, or your Medicare number.

At NY StateWide Senior Action Council, we are here to answer your questions about contact tracing, and other scams related to COVID-19. We are currently scheduling zoom presentations for community groups!

Not tech savvy, no problem, there is a phone number you can call to join the meetings! If your organization is interested in scheduling a presentation, call our office at 1-800-333-4374.

Stay safe and healthy!


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