Hamels To Perform For Mayville Senior Citizens

MAYVILLE — The Mayville Senior Citizens met on March 5 for lunch at the Mayville VFW. Forty people were present.

Dianne Goodrich, Devotional chair, led the group in silent prayers to honor two of our members who had recently passed, Edna Brown and Jeannie Rhinehart.

Brown was the club’s treasurer for many years. She was a cheerful and dedicated keeper of the money, knowing at all times the status of the finances. She was a friend with a kind smile. Chuck Carlson told a story about Edna and of her work while she was an attorney’s secretary. She will be missed.

The secretary’s report was read by Darlene Barney. A motion was made to accept the report; seconded and passed. The treasurer’s report was waived. The Assistant Treasurer, Ruth Neal, will report next month. The board has been approached by an individual very interested in becoming our new treasurer. This may take effect next month.

Mary Carlson, Goodwill chair reported she sent out 13 birthday cards and two sympathy cards.

President Loomis announced there would be a free maple sugar party at the Mayville United Methodist Church on March 22 at 3 p.m.

A special thank you was given to the kitchen committee, Louise Richir, Joyce Ayers, Fran Miller and Dolly Gilbert assisted by Bill Tornstrom.

The club reviewed the by-laws from 2014. The by-laws were revised and updated for 2020. A motion was made by Darlene Harper to accept the new by-laws as presented.

Door prizes were won by five people, Dianne Goodrich, Lois Maloy, Nancy Peters, Ernestine Cruzado and Annabelle Weise. A special door prize of fresh maple syrup made by Rex Wilson was included in the drawing. The lottery prize of $5 was won by Mary Carlson.

Bill Tornstrom, Program chair introduced the group’s guest speaker, Jos Gerace, director of police and security at Chautauqua Institution. He spoke about his duties and his responsibilities for handling the large crowds, guest speakers from all over the world with so much diversity, and keeping a watchful eye on all the buildings.

The group’s next meeting will be Thursday at the VFW in Mayville, with singer Doc Hamels from Ripley. In honor of St. Patrick’s week, he will be singing and playing some favorite Irish tunes.


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