K-9 Officers Attend Mayville Seniors Meeting

MAYVILLE — Icy rain did not deter 31 seniors from attending the meeting at the VFW in Mayville at noon on Feb. 6.

Dianne Goodrich, Devotional Chair, led the group in devotions. Mary Carlson, Goodwill chair, reported she sent out three birthday cards and one anniversary card. The secretary’s report by Darlene Barney was read and passed. No correspondence. The treasurers’ report by Edna Brown was accepted as presented. The kitchen committee was thanked for their work.

President Loomis reminded members who signed up to bring soup and sandwiches on Feb. 20. All others should bring a dish to pass. She announced that after the regular meeting on Feb. 20 there will be a Board Meeting. All members are welcome to attend the board meeting.

Bill Tornstrom, Program chair, introduced the guest speakers from the Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit. Officer Chad Wright with his K-9 partner Link and Officer Jason Beichner did an excellent job demonstrating how the dog worked.

They spoke about the difference in each dog’s personalities and their loyalty to the owners. They mentioned that the dogs are in “work” mode most of the time. Officer Beichner gave an example of a rescue he and his K-9 partner Drake were involved with earlier that morning.

He pointed out that the officers have to be in fit condition in order to keep up with the dogs. The speech was very informative and we are glad they serve our community.

Door prizes were won by eight people: Mary Carlson, Edna Brown, Paul Motrynczuk; Darlene Harper; Rex Wilson; Ernestine Cruzado; Darlene Barney; and Linda Taylor. The lottery drawing of $5.00 was won by new member, Bonnie Johnson.

The group’s next meeting will be Feb. 20 at noon at the VFW in Mayville. The dinner entertainment will be by member, Pat Cook, whose style of singing is enjoyed by all.

Reminder, if Chautauqua Lake Central School is closed because of the weather, there will be no meeting.


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