North Harmony Seniors Hear About Opiate Crisis

At the Sept. 17 meeting of the North Harmony Senior Citizens, Inc., 57 people listened to Adrian Madden and Chanda Lynn speak about the effects that opiates and other narcotics have on people.

There are many ways that people get accustomed to taking drugs. They may take drugs for medical or recreational purposes that may not be obtained legally. The women indicated that families and friends who are closest to the users are affected in many ways. A user needs a substance to make them feel high or relieve pain.

When they do not have the money to buy, they will go to the closest family member or friend to help them out.

Sometimes this action results in crime. The user will have excuses like not having money for doctors, gas, food etc. They need money. Their creativity to get money, would go beyond anyone’s imagination.

This presentation was very informative. Some of the audience was able to relate to this topic because of personal experiences.