JHS Students Benefit From Real-Life Experience At Wegmans

Wegmans Food Safety Coordinator, Krystyna Muniz, conducts an interview in the JHS library with JHS student, Anisvette Vellon, as part of their presentation to students.

JHS students had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about working at Wegmans and interviewing for jobs through a collaboration with Chautauqua Striders JHS Mentoring Program. Students heard from Krystyna Muniz, Food Safety Coordinator, Jessica Klemens Front End Manager and Gabriella Rosario Front End Coordinator. Fifty-three students were part of the Presentation and 29 had the opportunity to be interviewed.

“The presentation was good and the presenters were great,” said JHS ninth grader Astoria King. “I connected with one of the interviewers a lot more than the others because of the interview process. I’m excited to work with Wegmans and grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them.

The presentation focused on the benefits Wegmans can bring to the students, with flexible scheduling, year round employment, pay increase every six months, vacation pay, employee discounts, potential Wegmans scholarship, learning to work in different departments, training, support and feedback, relationships with coworkers and management and to be part of their internship program and/or full time employment. The idea was to create a presentation for the students to have an opportunity to explore a different career path in our community, present the benefits of working for Wegmans and the chance of acquiring a scholarship through Wegmans.

“I really like how they broke down everything from their benefits to what the company represents overall,” said JHS junior Arron Loomis. “The first interview process helped me determine what they were looking for in the final interview. That was truly helpful.”

“Wegmans has had a long-lasting partnership with Chautauqua Striders JHS Mentoring program and have done these presentations for a few years,” said Elimice Perez, JHS Chautauqua Striders Mentoring coordinator. Ms. Muniz is our contact and has been a mentor in the program. She is such a great individual who is making a great impact in our students’ lives and someone who likes to give others. She has been such a great partner to our Mentoring program.”

In the presentation, Wegmans gave students tips on how to be interviewed. The students did very well in the JHS interview process and many of them were extended the opportunity to have an in-person interview at Wegmans too.

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After the final interview, they will find out if they were hired for a job.

“It is important for the students to explore career opportunities right in their community and to be able to have more in-depth knowledge of the current job opportunities,” said JHS Chautauqua Striders Mentoring Coordinator, Eli Perez. “One of the effects of COVID has been the lack of opportunities for students to learn about their options after high school. We hope to expand their resources and understanding with these types of forums.”

Mr. Perez also wants the students to understand the possibilities, and benefits, of working during school and having resources available to help them succeed in their future careers with a flexible schedule environment.

“We have seen how hard it is for students to find a place that will work with their schedule and has a team to guide our young students. Wegmans has a great program to help the students who are struggling to find a mentor,” said Mr. Perez. “They take the students under their wing and provide assistance throughout the process of hiring and during time they are employed. Wegmans brings this opportunity right to the student’s school, stretching their hand letting them know they’re here as a family welcoming with open arms and ready to help them succeed.”

“The interview was very fun and connected a lot with Jessica, my interviewer,” said JHS sophomore Elizabeth Munoz. “It was a good vibe throughout the interview and they truly connected with the students.” Very thankful for the opportunity and I hope other students can have a good experience just as I did.”

A special thanks to JPS Community Navigator Carmen Perez and LPP Navigator Ally Piazza for helping on the day of the event at JHS.


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