JPS Capital Improvement Project — Keeping Our Kids Warm, Safe, Dry

On Tuesday, May 18, community residents will have the opportunity to show their support for the Jamestown Public Schools Capital Improvement Project. With voter approval of the proposed capital project, JPS will be able to invest $86.5 million in the modernization and essential maintenance of our facilities. The renovations and replacements outlined in Capital Project 2022 are much needed improvements to keep our students warm, safe, and dry in a positive learning environment, with zero cost impact to the local taxpayer.

In order to proceed with the proposed Capital Improvement Project, JPS must have 60% of the voters approve the project on May 18. It is essential that our community come out to vote so that we can both achieve the 60% requirement, and so we know that we are moving forward with a vote that is representative of our community.

“Our proposed capital improvements focus on three key areas: modernizing classrooms and student spaces, enhancing safety, security, and technology and essential maintenance to protect our investments,” said JPS Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker. “Through the previous capital project approved by our community in 2011, we have made a number of improvements in several school buildings over the past decade. As time has passed, new needs and priorities have emerged, particularly in the areas that were not included in the last project. We hope that our community will continue to come out and support this capital improvement project to help provide the best educational environment for our kids.”

Warm, Safe and Dry

The Jamestown Public Schools house over 6,000 students and staff in twelve district buildings. Just as property owners regularly renovate and upgrade their homes, we must also update and maintain our school facilities in order to keep our students warm, safe and dry. While we can generally support routine maintenance through our regular budget, sometimes the needed repairs are more extensive, like a new roof, heating and plumbing upgrades, or replacing windows.

The district completed a comprehensive planning process to identify current and future areas of need in all schools. Although we will not be able to address all identified areas of need at this time, the proposed capital project will encompass critical maintenance and construction work as well as enhancements that will have the greatest impact upon student life and learning as well as health and safety.


The proposed capital project encompasses significant upgrades, replacements, and improvements to our facilities that are beyond the reach of our regular maintenance budget. With voter approval, our district will be eligible to complete much-needed capital improvements with 98% funding through New York State Education Department Building Aid; the remaining 2% will be funded through district reserve funds and other State funds specific to capital improvement work.

As a result, with voter approval, we will be able to complete $86.5 million in capital improvements with no local tax impact.

Please come out and vote on May 18 from noon to 9 p.m. at Lincoln Elementary School, Jefferson Middle School or Washington Middle School.

If you need to register to vote or apply for an absentee ballot, please contact JPS District Clerk, Nita Walter at 716-483-4420 or jaunita.m.walter@jpsny.org for more information. On behalf of the Jamestown Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, and students of the Jamestown Public Schools, we thank the community for your support.


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