Fourth-Graders Learn About Other Holidays

Love Elementary School fourth grader, Zion Kevoian Davis, created his “Holidays Around the World” poster about England.

Love Elementary School fourth graders had an opportunity to learn more about how other cultures celebrate the holidays through an English Language unit.

“Learning about how other cultures celebrate holiday traditions gives them an idea of how different, but yet similar, other parts of the world are to us,” said Love Elementary School fourth grade teacher Christine Yocum. “It is important for them to understand diversity and the uniqueness of different cultures.”

Mrs. Yocum reported that the emphasis was on nonfiction text. Students learned more about close reading, finding the main idea and details, along with different nonfiction-text features. The readings were also differentiated to the student’s individual reading levels.

Students studied Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, England, China and India. Each student created a poster about their favorite country including four facts about how people celebrate the holiday in that country.

“I learned that in India, they celebrate Diwali where they decorate their doors and have fireworks. It is the festival of lights and one of the major festivals in India,” said Love Elementary School fourth grader Aaliyah Rivera.

The class incorporated the use of technology to research information pertaining to their country and included photographs of the celebrations. They also investigated more ways that other cultures celebrate in their country.

“It is important to study other countries and learn about their customs so we can understand people and show respect for them and how they celebrate the holidays,” said Love Elementary School fourth grader, Jabez Alvira.


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