Custodians, Maintenance Workers, Bus Mechanics, Drivers Are Unsung Heroes

Fletcher Elementary School custodians Shawn Johnson and Dennis Nilson in action cleaning at the school.

During these difficult times, Jamestown Public School’s 50-member custodial staff, 12 maintenance employees, two bus mechanics and 12 bus drivers are reporting daily to work as essential workers in the district.

“I would like to take a moment to recognize our maintenance department, bus mechanics, custodial employees and bus drivers who continue to show up every day as essential employees to the district and our community,” said Carl Pillittieri, JPS Director of Buildings and Grounds. “Each of these hard working individuals is an important piece in the puzzle and performing very important work in these uncertain times. It is no surprise that each one has stepped up and comes to work and gets the job done safely.”

The JPS custodial staff has been very busy cleaning the buildings first and then going back and disinfecting the entire building. The custodians have kept up a good pace so that they are near beginning summer cleaning in some locations. The staff has also been catching up on projects that were put on hold, such as painting classrooms, due to the restraints during a regular school year. At Ring and Fletcher Elementary schools, the district is holding child care programs. In addition to the regular building cleaning, the custodians in those locations are charged with cleaning and disinfecting the spaces used by these programs on a nightly basis.

JPS maintenance employees are completing work orders for repairs and getting caught up on projects that would normally have to wait until summer to accomplish. They are also performing seasonal work, readying lawn equipment and mowing across the district.

In addition to the custodial and maintenance staff, the district has bus drivers delivering meals to those who cannot get to the “grab and go” locations. These drivers, as are all district essential employees, are limiting contact with the public, using personal protective equipment as recommended to stay safe for themselves and in case of the drivers, the families they are delivering food to.

“With the maintenance employees as well as custodial staff, this forced downtime has given us a chance to catch up on projects that desperately need to be done in the district,” said Pillittieri. “We are lucky to have such dedicated employees keeping our buildings clean and properly functioning.”


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