‘We Care For Them’

Students, Families Assisted In At-Home Learning

Ring Elementary School Paraprofessional, Regina Gonzalez, hands out a learning at home packet to a parent.

Jamestown Public Schools has taken a proactive approach in preparing for the government shut down of all New York State Schools. While classes are canceled at the Jamestown Public Schools, we will provide a variety of resources to support your child’s continued learning at home.

This week, elementary students were provided learning packets prepared by their child’s teacher. Middle school students were given both printed materials and iPads for on-line learning. Depending on course enrollment and availability, JHS students will be issued a Chromebook or an iPad to be used at home to complete assignments provided by their teacher.

In an effort to supplement home instruction, district teachers, coaches, and coordinators have gathered numerous resources for use by students, parents, and community members. The JPS website, jpsny.org/learningathome, features resource materials for each grade level in math, science, ELA, social studies and foreign language. Materials are organized by grade level and content area, including learning modifications. The site has also features speech-language pathology and occupational and physical therapy resources.

In addition, many teachers have taken their classes online via learning management systems such as Google Classroom. Social studies teacher Jayme Genco remarked, “Google Classroom will be the biggest asset to making distance-learning work for our kids. I’ll record lessons and place them online for students to use, providing direct instruction as well as directions for students’ work. Students will be able to access materials that we would have done in class and can remain in constant contact with me should they have questions or concerns.”

JHS assistant principal Tom Langworthy said, “A lot of our staff are working hard trying to get work out for kids. We’re just trying to serve the community the best we can and let students know we care for them even when school isn’t officially in session.”

A positive message from a Lincoln Elementary School staff member during the school's learning at home pick ups this week.

In order to prepare his students for home learning, Genco added, “I was able to prepare students by letting them know that the materials they need will be provided to them digitally and that parents will be kept up-to-date via the Remind app. Students know the routine of accessing the curriculum online and the pacing will be identical to what it was in the classroom.”

Although not having students in their classrooms is far less than ideal, Jamestown Public Schools’ teachers and staff are doing all that they can to provide materials and instruction to students until normal sessions can resume.


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