JPS Aims To Keep Families Informed During Virus Closure

Editor’s Note: The following column is a release from Jamestown Public Schools officials.

It is important for the Jamestown Public Schools to keep our community informed on what is happening in the district during this unprecedented time. We are very proud of the efforts of every JPS staff member. Each is investing great effort to make this anxious and distressing time for children and their families a bit less stressful, not only by helping to provide learning at home, meals and childcare, but also by providing a calming, reassuring force for children and their families.

The district has prioritized the continuation of essential services for our students and their families:

¯ We have worked with our community partners to provide childcare for working families.

¯ Our food service staff started to prepare grab-and-go breakfast and lunch last Saturday. They are providing thousands of meals daily.

¯ Our teachers have prepared instructional materials for our students and have devised their own respective mechanisms for continuing the instruction of their students and our In an effort to aid home instruction, the district teachers, coaches, and coordinators have gathered numerous resources for use by students, parents, and community members.

The Jamestown Board of Education also gave the superintendent authorization to use school facilities and/or equipment as necessary to help the community in this time of need to help fight the coronavirus. More information about the district’s efforts can be found at jpsny.org/coronavirus.


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