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Fletcher Elementary School’s FACE Committee Focuses On Engagement

Fletcher UPK students and their families during a recent family engagement event in Lisa Certo-Card’s room.

A roomful of pre-kindergartners with candy could be a lot of work but not when their parents and families join the fun, and learn a bit more about what their children are doing in class. A recent family engagement activity in Lisa Certo-Card’s room had students and their families deposit a Valentine’s Day card in their classmates’ bags ensuring everyone received a card. Then, Certo-Card talked to the group.

“When I reassessed the kids for sounds, in a three-week time, these kids collectively learned 54 new sounds,” said Certo-Card. “I look at their growth every time I assess. New sounds are a huge skill they learn at this age. If you are eating dinner say, ‘I’m thinking of a word that starts with ‘t’ what is it? Turkey.’ Just constantly reinforce sounds skills that we are doing every day in class with your child.”

Certo-Card held one of her family engagement activities as part of Fletcher’s Family & Community Engagement Committee’s efforts that every classroom holds individual events to get parents engaged in their child’s education. The FACE Committee is promoting family engagement through both in-class events but also helping teachers by providing tools such as reading logs or activities they can send home.

In addition to the classroom events, the FACE Committee and Fletcher PTA are having an all-school “Growing Healthy Families” event with local agencies and businesses such as: Wegman’s, who will show families how to cook healthy with their children, HerbsR4U talking about alternative health remedies and YWCA speaking about body safety. Along with speakers such as Jeff Barkstrom talking about sugar in families’ diets, the organizations will set-up in the school so families can learn more about the healthy options available to them.

“We know if parents and families are engaged in their child’s education, kids will do better,” said Fletcher Elementary School Principal Maria DeJoy. “We also know it takes a community to raise a child so having these events and exposing our families to the wonderful resources in our community will make us a better and more successful school.”


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