Bush Students Receive Hair Care

Bush Elementary School second grader, Saviere Diaz, got a fresh, new haircut from Lauren Fenton during a Hair & Care Clinic put on by Lauren and her volunteers from Fenton Beauty Products. Submitted photo

“I’m getting a ‘fauxhawk.’ My hair was a little long and I thought it would be fun,” said Bush Elementary School second grader Matthew Mobley. “I had one before and I thought it would be cool. My dad will be surprised but my mom said it was okay to do it!”

Matthew was enjoying the benefits of a recent Hair & Care Clinic conducted by Lauren Fenton, from Fenton Beauty Products. Fenton, along with fellow hairdressers Libbi Martin, Dawn Beckman, Kasey Fanara, Melanie Kraft and Kristen Minle, provided free hair washes, cuts and styling for 65 kids at Bush School. Fenton and her group have also done Hair & Care Clinics at Sinclairville, Cassadaga, Silver Creek, Dunkirk and Sherman Schools. Their mission stresses three things: “Be Clean,” “Be Caring” and “Be Confident.”

“I knew this was a needed service in the area,” said Fenton. “Everyone should have the opportunity to have a great hair cut and style and learn a bit more about how to take care of their hair. Anyone can sign up to be part of the Hair & Care Clinic so everyone is equal. I love the kids and making them feel good. This is what I was called to do.”

During the Hair & Care Clinics, kids are taught how to properly wash and care for their hair, receive a fresh haircut and finishing touches, such as clothing giveaways that are available for kids to pick out an outfit to finish their look.

“I went to school with Lauren and saw her do the clinic at the Cassadaga Schools,” said Bush Elementary School first grade teacher, April Shoup, who helped organized the event with Fenton at Bush School.

“I think it is so important to have something like this as it gives our kids such self-confidence. They are walking out of the room so happy and so excited to show their friends and family their new look. We can’t thank enough, Lauren and all of her friends who supply this amazing free service for our kids.”