Family Services Social Worker Helps Students

Family Services Social Worker, Cassie Farrell, plays Jenga during a family lunch at Love Elementary School.

A familiar and friendly face is spending more time helping kids everyday at Love Elementary School. Cassie Farrell, Family Services LMSW, is full-time at Love School this year helping kids and their families. Ms. Farrell (referred to as Miss Cassie at Love) was part-time last year collaborates and works with students on an individual basis and in small groups. She also provides support to classroom teachers, acts as a bridge between the school and families, and also assesses students with special needs.

Miss Cassie is at Love Elementary School as part of Family Services of Chautauqua County’s School Based Social Work program, which represents a dynamic collaboration between The United Way, Family Service of the Chautauqua Region and Chautauqua County school districts and their communities to help students and families. Children today are increasingly victims of many social forces that negatively affect their role as students. The family is in a state of change and until it becomes stabilized children’s’ unmet physical and emotional needs will continue to interfere with their ability to learn in school. School social workers are trained mental health professionals who provide a plethora of services related to a child’s social and emotional needs.   School social workers can provide the link between the home, school, and community in providing direct as well as referral and linkage services to promote and support students’ academic and social success. 

“It is so important to have Cassie’s help at Love School,” said Patty Duncanson, Love School Counselor. “She is another positive adult who can connect with our children and their families to help them proactively with counseling and referrals to community agencies. We are lucky to have her experience and knowledge helping our kids at Love School.”

ऀMiss Cassie can also diagnosis mental health disorders, provide connection with community agencies and follow-through, hold individual and group sessions that may include anger management, problem solving, social skills and behavior management. She helps with family counseling on a number issues including divorce, grief and loss or conflict resolution. She can also connect directly with a child’s pediatrician to help ensure there is continuity of services between medication management and mental health counseling. She hopes to make home visits during the summer to provide support to students and their families during the longer break. Miss Cassie works closely with Love teachers to ensure students have the best support they can at school.

“I love working at Love School,” said Miss Cassie. “It can be a challenge but I know I am really helping out kids who need it. I feel I can really help impact a child’s life. With early intervention there is a greater chance for better outcomes for our kiddos. Our kids have so much hope and potential. These kids are our future and sometimes they just need one, good, strong attachment to succeed. Everyone working at Love School has so much love for the kids and it is really beautiful to see.”


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