Student Ambassadors Give Manners Reminders

Bush Student Ambassador for November, second grader Madelyn Wilkens, congratulates December Student Ambassador, second grader Oliver Johnsonby, by presenting his student ambassador tag.

Bush Elementary School started a new student ambassador program this year to get students involved more directly in their character education program. The student ambassador idea came about in partnership with the school’s character education program and with the goal to focus teaching and applying our motto to be respectful, responsible and peaceful in various ways throughout the school day.

At the beginning of the year, the Bush Elementary School PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) team identified key areas that they wanted to focus on during the school year, One focus is having good manners such as saying “Good Morning” or “Hello” when spoken to and helping Bush students to initiate greetings with other students and adults in the building by becoming student ambassadors.

The school chooses six students — two students each from second, third and fourth grades. The length of an ambassador position is typically three weeks. Bush School is looking to eventually expand the program to include ambassadors from every grade level including kindergarten and first grade. A student is chosen because he or she is a great example or role model for their peers. Students are also selected based on recommendations from their grade level teachers, great attendance and demonstrate being respectful, responsible, and peaceful throughout the school day.

“This program is geared to improve student ownership in our building by giving them more responsibly, and at the same time, ties in with our Character Education program of learning and applying manners during the school day,” said Bush Elementary School Resource Specialist Katie Cieslewicz. “In addition, this program has a goal to increase our attendance and decrease the number of tardy students because you can’t be an ambassador if you are not here! This is one of the many programs at our school that students look forward to and have an opportunity to earn an ambassadorship when they demonstrate being responsible, respectful and peaceful.”