JHS Astronomy Club Fills Students Love Of Space

Alexandra Moss, Hanna Hornyak, Camden Austin, Ryan Restivo, Hunter Shilling, Ryan Malarky, Ayah Qadri and Club Adviser Steve Propheter.

“I have always been fascinated by Greek mythology and the stars and constellations are a big part of it. So, it was natural for me to get involved in the Astronomy Club,” said Jamestown High School senior Hannah Hornyak who has been involved in the club for four years. “Space is so awe-inspiring and this is such a cool, close-knit group I really love being part of it.”

Hannah was talking about the JHS Astronomy Club, which has been at the school for seven years. Club adviser, Steve Propheter, says that it fills a need to enjoy some of the fun things that science has to offer and peaks the interest of a number of students. Students meet bi-weekly after school on Fridays where they learn how to use telescopes, visit Martz Observatory and investigate space. The club has their own telescope that they take out to observe the sky on a number of occasions.

“I started the club so we had a place to experience science and move at our own pace,” said Propheter. ” We try to learn the things necessary so we can enjoy looking at the planets and stars. We also learn some things about the night sky and talk about the objects that may be visible during that time of year.”

The students love being members of the Astronomy Club.

“I find the stars so fascinating,” said JHS junior Ayah Qadri, who has been part of the club for two years. “My brother was in the club. I never even knew he was interested in astronomy and that got me interested. It’s so cool to go to Martz Observatory because of their amazing telescope and their obvious enthusiasm about astronomy, it’s so cool.”

“Jon Anderson, Tom Traub and the other members at the Martz Observatory have been very accommodating over the years and allowed us to visit and provide us with the opportunity to use their equipment,” said Propheter. “They have given us amazing tours and helped teach us some things about stars and star gazing. We have been able to take pictures and see objects at the observatory that our equipment would never allow us to see. We are so thankful of their support of our club.”

The Astronomy Club is always fundraising for newer equipment or accessories. If anyone is interested in donating to the club, please contact Propheter at 483-3470.


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